Pizza Birthday Party Ideas

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Not only is pizza a delicious party food that everyone loves, it makes a wonderful theme for a birthday celebration as well. A Pizza Birthday Party can bring your kid’s love of this tasty edible to life with bright colors and loads of fun.

Pizza Decorations – Food – Favors

Using red and green for your primary colors, you can bring a lot of different decorations into your venue that will let your Pizza Theme really stand out. Make some crazy invitations to your event, like a mini menu with animated artwork, giving your guests a unique request to come to your child’s party.

You can turn your venue into a mini-pizzaria with Italian decorations galore. Red and white checkered tablecloths offer a classic look that is familiar to pizza lovers and sets a nice base for your centerpieces.  Red and green balloons can be strung up like a banner for a fun 3-D effect. Take advantage of patterned paper, you can use red and white striped paper for a backdrop to your snack table to really make it pop.  Make centerpieces that attract attention with large flowers in a variety of vases that look lovely with the red and green colors of your theme.

pizza birthday party ideas

Create a buffet where everyone has an opportunity to make their own personal pizza. This way the guests get a chance to personalize their food in a unique way. Lay out a fun spread of toppings to choose from and let each guest work their way down the line, and then bake up their delicious creation.  With a separate table set up for desserts, you can make everything easily accessible.  For some sweet pizza-like treats you can make frosted sugar cookies, cupcakes with pizza shaped frosting, a mix of veggies in little dixie cups for a healthy treat as well. Make a pizza cake for your big-bang of a dessert, your guests are sure to enjoy a sweet version of their favorite Italian food.

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Some fun activities to keep your guests busy include Stick the Pepperoni on the Pizza Game. It is easy to make a pizza poster and hang it up, then have each visitor stick their pepperoni on the pizza, whoever gets closest to the center wins a prize! Set-up a play dough table so the kids can make their own pizza fun, they could even take home their art after they finish it up.

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To send your guests home happy, give them all a gift to remember. Some fun ideas include their own personalized chef hat and apron. You could also give out little packages of cookie cutters in food shapes for a fun reusable gift. If you feel like being creative, you create small pizza cookies in a little take out pizza boxes!

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