Peach And Mint Book Birthday


What better way to celebrate a 1st year than this lovely Peach And Mint Book Birthday? Ms. Laine Events beautifully blended together a sweet mixture of peach and mint theme tones along with wonderful book decorations to give this theme an elegant and exciting look.

The venue used was a modern and large space, providing lots of natural lighting through the windows and all sorts of gathering room for a whole group of guests.

Utilizing a massive, white brick wall, the dessert section had a contemporary vibe that went perfectly with the room. A backdrop was uniquely designed with strings of lights sitting behind a sheer cloth, giving a soft lighting to create an elegant mood. To one side of this cloth a beautiful arrangement of balloons in peach, mint and white cascaded downwards in a large column. The balloons all had varying sizes to draw interest. To finish this wonderful decoration off, a large customized book graphic was made and hung delightfully on the other corner of the cloth.

The dessert table used was a charming white desk that didn’t need a tablecloth to blend with the theme.  It held the scrumptious looking, two layer cake along with some sweets in clear jars and twol gorgeous displays of flower bouquets featuring peach blooms. The cake was decorated to match the theme tones beautifully while the topper was a fantastic little person sitting on top of and leaning against books.  Other goodies at this party included adorable looking cupcakes that had letters, books and blooms to blend with the theme perfectly.

The guest gifts at this event were innovative and useful. Customized bookmarks announcing the birthday girl’s special day had lovely floral graphics and strings to make sure everyone could easily mark their pages in their favorite books with ease.

From Ms. Laine Events – How do you like this book theme we styled last weekend? We’re so in love with the peach and mint colour combo! Wishing baby Danielle and her family a wonderful new chapter in her life!

Peach-And-Mint-Book-Birthday-Backdrop-Books Peach-And-Mint-Book-Birthday-Balloons-Column Peach-And-Mint-Book-Birthday-Books-Cupcakes Peach-And-Mint-Book-Birthday-Book-Topper Peach-And-Mint-Book-Birthday-Cake Peach-And-Mint-Book-Birthday-Cupcakes Peach-And-Mint-Book-Birthday-Cupcakes-Letters Peach-And-Mint-Book-Birthday-Cupcakes-Pastel Peach-And-Mint-Book-Birthday-Dessert-Section Peach-And-Mint-Book-Birthday-Dessert-Table Peach-And-Mint-Book-Birthday-Guest-Bookmarks Peach-And-Mint-Book-Birthday-Jellybeans Peach-And-Mint-Book-Birthday-Macarons Peach-And-Mint-Book-Birthday-Macarons-Colorful Peach-And-Mint-Book-Birthday-Treat-Table


Stylist – Ms. Laine Events

Organic balloon garland – Pop Party

Photography – Daphnie Loong



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