Roaring Dinosaur Party

Using a color palette created by the Anders Ruff printables, Karolina of Karo’s Fun Land put together an adventure that little ones could enjoy for hours.

The Roaring Dinosaur 4th Birthday Party in orange and green offered an abundance of details and entertainment, ensuring that everyone could find something to check out. The treat table was a fantastic set-up of colors and patterns. The backdrop was a green and white striped wonder that set the stage for all kinds of neat decor.


Using an outside venue allowed Karolina to take advantage of natural lighting to emphasize the vibrancy of the colors. The front of the treat table was also decorated with adorable green and white stripes, blending right in with the theme. The table had a wonderful orange and white polka-dot wrapped box to add layering for a full view and added a pop of brightness that shone fantastically.

Gorgeous bottles were used for the green juice, each with a wonderful polka dot label and a cute little dinosaur wrapped on with string. The straws matched the juice quite nicely with a green and white striped look.

Little cupcakes were put into orange and white holders and topped with perfectly dinosaur decorations that any kid could love. There were even fruit cups that matched the theme with green grapes and orange cantaloupe, each came with a spoon taped on with green tape. Personalized jellos were set on a pretty white tray too that had dinosaur stickers on top for a cute look.

The cake was a prehistoric wonder topped with ferocious t-rex’s in awesome mini-party hats.  It was set on top a of pretty white cake tray for a touch of elegance that let it stick out wonderfully. With a sprinkling of green for grass and an adorable birthday banner, this cake was one that any special birthday guest could eat right up!

Credits –

Event Planning – Karo’s Fun Land

Dinosaur Party Printables- Anders Ruff

Dinosaur Cupcake Toppers-  Edible Details


Giant Balloons, Bakers Twine, Washi Tape, Glass Milk Bottles, Parfait Cups, Cupcake Liners – Kara’s Party Ideas

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