Minnie-Rella Birthday Party

Using a mash-up of two favorite classics, Got Sweetz came up with a theme that was both fabulous and unique for celebrating this little one’s birthday. Because the special birthday girl loved Minnie Mouse, it only made sense to have the theme center around her and incorporating a princess idea really emphasized the sweetness of the idea. So, Got Sweetz found an adorable picture of Minnie Mouse dressed as Cinderella and this Minnierella themed birthday party came to life.

Minnie-Rella Birthday Party ideas

The photo found was placed in a fantastic frame that was diy painted in silver to match the theme colors. It was then used as a centerpiece to the backdrop made for the dessert table. With soft blue and white crepe paper hanging in vertical strips on the wall, the photo was accented beautifully. The table was covered in an elegant fashion with a white cover lined with a lovely blue runner.

With a traditional layout of treats on tall and short trays, each treat was easily accessible as well as theme-based and delicious looking. Alicia’s Delicias made adorable looking sugar cookies frosted in blue and white which were set on a cute little tray in the center of the table. Mini-cheesecake  bites were contributed by the Incredebites adding a sweet that is unique to the party scene.  A fresh take on pretzels was used by Joy Cake Pops who used caramel to wrap them rather than chocolate for a treat that was sure to be loved.  With a variety of other tasty options, this table was full of decadence that any kid could love.

The cake was a true beauty with three layers of detail and bold colors topped with Cinderella’s carousel. It was set on a wonderful, blue cake tray allowing it to take the stage fantastically.

Credits –

Minnierella Dessert Table

Cake, Rice Crispy Treats & Dipped Chocolate Gems by Got Sweetz

Cupcakes by Little Hunny’s Cakery

Sugar Cookies by Alicia’s Delicias

Caramel Wrapped Pretzel Rods by Joy Cake Pops

Mini Cheesecake Bites by Incredebites

Handmade Minnie Ears Handmade Prince Philip Swords for the boys party favors Minnie-Rella Birthday Party cupcakes in amazing decoration Minnie-Rella Birthday Party rice krispies Minnie-Rella Birthday Party sugar cookies Minnie-Rella Birthday Party treats and sweets, Dipped Oreo Chocolate Gems

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