Minecraft Birthday Party

This Minecraft Birthday Party brought a modern twist to a celebration that any kid could love. Using green and black for base colors, the party area had a sophisticated and fun set-up.  Steph, mom of the birthday boy, used Minecraft for the theme due to her son and husband being such big fans of the game.  However, with it being such a new and bold approach to a celebration, she found that there was little pre-arranged items to be found, so she DIY’d a large part of the event, really making it one-of-a-kind.


The cupcakes were fantastically created with green frosting perfectly placed on top.  With green and black Minecraft tags on each and a matching wrap, this dessert blended with the theme precisely.  They were set on a lovely white tray that allowed the vibrant colors to really shine.

Another fun addition to this event was a separation of snacks by color, similar to the gaming aspect. Set on a table with a green cover, black plates were set with a variety of sweet treats like Rolos, twizzlers and hard candies. Each one was labelled with its Minecraft name, TNT, Gold, Redstone, etc….adding a neat touch to the food that any fan of the game could appreciate.

Creeper Juice was made with adorable little bottles and personalized Minecraft labels, continuing the theme fantastically. Little marshmallow creeper cake pops were also made, mimicking the characters beautifully.

The cake was innovative, a delightful blend of deliciousness and decoration that the kids were definitely sure to enjoy.  Frosted in white and decorated in black to look like TNT, this cake was a really bite of dynamite!

From the welcome sign in the doorway to the details of the decorations and treats, this party was innovative from top to bottom.

Credits – Stephanie of Debt free spending


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