Minecraft Creeper Birthday Party

This fun Minecraft Birthday Party was created by Joellyn from Sweet Soirees, who does all the work and let’s the parents relax and enjoy.

With a neat blend of lime green, black and a scattering of other colors like red and brown, the venue area was a vision of fun.  The buffet was prepared top to bottom with Minecraft ideas and excitement, ensuring that the guests would love not only tasting the goodies, but checking out the decor.


The backdrop introduced the Minecraft theme perfectly with a poster from the game so everyone would know what type of celebration this was. Set in front of a black background, it stood out brightly.

The table itself was covered in a fabulous lime green cloth that had checkers, creating a pattern without taking away from the array of details and treats. With two black liners on top of the cloth, the table itself looked like a block out of Minecraft.  For a final touch, the front of the table had an adorable banner that said, “Happy Birthday,” reminding the party goers of the special reason they were there.

The spread of treats and table decor was beautiful.  Bags were on display at the back of the table with little Minecraft faces, bringing a touch of fun. Red twizzlers were bundled up and wrapped with little labels that said T.N.T. adding a bright color.  With all the treats set on black dishes, they went smoothly with the theme while maintaining a look of sophistication. There were even black raspberries set in a glass labelled as coal!

The cake was perfectly designed, a tall circle with one of Minecraft’s favorite face, Creeper, that stood out magnificently on a giant Minecraft decorated stand. With the birthday boy’s name spelled out on the cake tray this treat was unique and vibrant.

Credits –

Joellyn – Sweet Soirees

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