Mermaid Birthday Party Ideas

Disney Ariel Mermaid Birthday Party Ideas Mermaid Birthday Party Ideas

Mermaid Party Decorations – Food – Favors

For a magical theme that any little girl can adore, throw her a special Mermaid Birthday Party.  With a variety of under-the-sea venue decorations, your party can be one for the books.

Using a variety of colors for your theme, blue for the base of course and then vibrant other choices like orange, green and yellow for your contrasting tones, your party room will pop with excitement.  This is a fun theme for using all the tulle you can find.  Blue tool around your tables that drapes the floor gives an underwater effect that is sure to impress. You can also take advantage of your sunny windows by draping blue, sheer fabric in front of them so it gives a blue hue to the whole room.

 editable beach star fish baby shower invitation
editable coral-beach-baby-shower-invitation
editable little mermaid birthday invitation
editable little mermaid under the sea invitation

Use balloons to fill up the spaces, you could even make little balloon creatures like an Octopus for a fun touch. For a unique centerpiece idea, you could put a beta fish in a cute bowl out, surrounded with moss (outside of the bowl) and then add some fun little miniature sea creatures to the moss. Then as you have your party activities you could give the fish away as the prize for winning competitions.

mermaid party backdrop

By: DellaCartaDecor

For some crazy sea food adventures, make an octopus from a pepper and set him in dip for the kids to enjoy checking out. Turn regular crescent rolls into little crabs by adding green bean legs, little olive eyes and strawberry claws. Have blue punch for a beverage choice, you could add a blast of fun by freezing red Kool-aid in sea creature cubes to make the punch look more undersea-riffic. Make some oyster sandwiches with vanilla wafers, marshmallow creme, and cake pops. Have an Mermaid tower of a cake with three tiers topped with your child’s favorite little Mermaid.  You can decorate it like the ocean with other little creatures and seaweed effects as well.

mermaid birthday party games

mermaid birthday party thank you party bag activity and coloring book

Some fun Mermaid Birthday activities include making your own shell jewelry, that gives each guest a personal way to remember the special day. Have a pinata shaped like a sea creature to attack for delicious candies or other little prizes. If you have a little wading pool you could also set up a bubble party game with a hoop to see how high you can get a bubble up around each child.

Mermaid Necklace


Mermaid Party Favors for Kids or Adults


Mermaid tail necklace

By CharmedbyMermaids


Give out a unique Mermaid favor for each guest, little starfish offer a theme-based way to celebrate this sea adventure party. You could also give out shell-art, like photo frames that you have glued shells and sand on for a neat artsy look.

My Favorite Mermaid Party Decorations

star fish decoration for mermaid party

 Seahorse Chariot Stand In
dark blue water fish net giant white shell

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