Mad Science Party

No kid’s birthday party is complete without a fun and exciting theme, and Eventee Party Planner did just this with a Mad Science Party. Complete with vibrant colors, creative food, and even an educational flair, this party was big, bold, and put a smile on all the little guests’ faces.

Mad Science Party ideas

The venue was a big one, complete with several tables for the guests and a stage up front with the birthday boy’s name strung up in huge fluorescent letters. Balloons in bright colors of yellow, blue, orange, and green were cascading from the high, bunched tented fabric ceiling, while the stage itself was surrounded by food and fun, mad science theme tables.

The main food table was actually on the stage and it boasted an actual chalkboard as a backdrop, with well-known complex formulas chalked haphazardly across it. Different sized beakers and test tubes were placed variously on the table and were filled with treats and colorful liquids. Science books and molecule models added extra unique decoration and even yellow tape with radioactive symbols were lined inventively like streamers all over the table and walls. But perhaps the best part of the main table was the birthday cake! Going along with the central mad science theme, the round cake had an orange base layer, with the birthday boy of the day’s name blocked out in three replicas of the periodic table on the front. An amazing fondant top layer of the cake was an actual figure of a smiling boy scientist, right behind the big “1” candle. The details in the birthday cake were absolutely unbelievable and really tied the entire party together perfectly.

More food and drinks were on another smaller table nearby, with big apothecary glass jars full of snacks like cheese puffs, gummy worms, gumballs, and yummy chocolate covered pretzels. Fun cupcakes with mad science images in the frosting such as pink brains, beakers, and books. The attention to detail with all aspects of this party truly made it an event to remember—and would certainly make any little mad scientist proud.

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