Halloween Party Collection

Do you like spooky birthday parties, or does your birthday just coincide with Halloween? Go all out with a Halloween themed birthday party which is fun and spooky at the same time, with no intention of hurting anyone of course!

Decorate your birthday party with dozens of pumpkins that have those smiley faces as holes on them. Focus on the colors of orange and black, and even out the color distribution so that it would look nice.

Vintage Rustic Halloween Party Credit: Everyday Party Magazine 

Surprisingly, glazed donuts go well with this type of birthday party idea. You can decorate the donuts to have some sort of vampire face on them to make them look cute and spooky at the same time. You can do this by adding some fruit loops as eyes and then adding icing for the teeth (with added sharpness on the canines).

We can also add in decors of haunted mansions, skeletons, and bats. Everything that associates with Halloween is allowed in this all out birthday party.

While much can be said for Halloween themed birthday parties, it is imperative to know that this only serves a narrow niche. It’s only suitable for dates which are around Halloween. This is because it’s too spooky and can scare children especially if they’re not into spooky stuff. However, we can alleviate this by making the decors light and happy by not putting too much serious looking skeletons and spiders. Make them as cartoonish as possible, and you’ll have a birthday party that’s fun and spooky at the same time!

Halloween Party Photos

A Simple Halloween Party for My Favorite Boos and Ghouls

Credit: Confetti Party Plans

Donut Be Tricked! Halloween Party

Credit: Satsuma Designs

Modern Halloween Party For Kids

Credit: Joy in the Commonplace

Vintage Halloween Party

Credit: LAURA’S little PARTY

Halloween Party

Credit: Carmen Gloria

Halloween Party

Credit: The Glitter Party 

Pumpkin Carving Party

Credit: Ashleigh Nicole Events

Spooktacular Halloween

Credit: Bad Bad Maria

Frightfully Fancy Halloween Party


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