Moroccan Teen Birthday Party

This Gold Moroccan Birthday party was nothing short of exquisite, with gorgeous golden details everywhere you looked. The fantastic dessert table was perfectly styled by Partylicious, creating a wonder that was beautiful to look at and quite appetizing.

The invitations for the party were a sweet bright colors and detailing that stood out marvelously, ensuring that guests wouldn’t want to miss any fun.


The backdrop for the sweets table was magnificent, a bold arrangement of fuchsia and red fabric created an elegant feeling and with strands of golden circles hung, this backdrop really set the stage for the beauty that this table was.

Each food item was nicely labelled so visitors would know what they were trying. They were beautifully created with imaging that matched the invitations, as well as being bordered in cute pink glitter paint that added dramatic flair.

Various forms of ornate jars were used to hold lots of goodies from vibrantly colored rock candy to delicious almond kisses that were wrapped in gold, adding to the rich decor of the event.

Artwork was framed in gold and jeweled to bring the table an accent that stood out dramatically. A beautiful journal was also laid out for an additional fun touch. For a soft lighting option that added to the Moroccan effect, four little candle holders were placed on the table, blending with the theme colors wonderfully.

The table itself was covered in a pink cover that was literally overflowing with golden circles, making the table appear to be covered in golden coins.

The cake was a true wonder with vibrant colors and details that made it one-of-a-kind. Set not only on a beautiful cake tray, the tray was placed on a wrapped box, making it stand out as a centerpiece to remember. The cake itself was two layers of elegance topped with marvelous purple flowers. Edible chains with golden ‘coins’ circled the top layer for a beautiful look.

Credits –

Stationary and styling: Partylicious

French macarons: Merari Tossas

Cake: Jovanna Valentín

Chevron bags and gold garland: Mailbox Happiness

 gold-moroccan-teen-birthday-party-activities gold-moroccan-teen-birthday-party-almond-kisses-gold-wraps gold-moroccan-teen-birthday-party-cake gold-moroccan-teen-birthday-party-cake-gold gold-moroccan-teen-birthday-party-decorations-candles gold-moroccan-teen-birthday-party-enjoy-a-sweet-treat-sign gold-moroccan-teen-birthday-party-french-macarons gold-moroccan-teen-birthday-party-french-macarons-close-up gold-moroccan-teen-birthday-party-ideas-dessert-table-gold-garlands gold-moroccan-teen-birthday-party-ideas-dessert-table-gold-tablecover gold-moroccan-teen-birthday-party-rock-candy-sticks

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