Gold & Black Damask 70th Birthday Party

Invento Festa went all out on this lovely elegant 70th  Birthday Party.  Using a wonderful blend of black, white and a smidge of gold, the color base offered a sophisticated look that was certain to impress the guests.


The snack table was a modern-vintage mash-up that looked tres chic. With a backdrop of black and white vintage patterned damask fabric, the look was set. Right in front of the fabric, a gorgeous golden frame was centered to create a fantastic effect. The table used for the snacks was a pretty wood that didn’t need any cover to look perfect. The wooden detailing really drew the eye and in combination with the arrangement of food, it was a wonderful decorative and functional tool.

Each tray/plate/bowl used to display the food items was pure elegance. Ornate detailing and lovely shades of white and black ensured that each treat stood out individually as well as blending wonderfully as a whole. A gorgeous tea cup was set on a plate and a mirror, then filled with lovely flowers to create a decoration that added emphasis to the theme.  There was even a pretty set of pearls draped on the table, adding to the adorably vintage feel.

The treats were all delicious looking and very detailed. Cake pops were covered in white with little sticks and had gorgeous black patterns drawn on them. Macaroons were topped with cute little flowers for a bold effect. There were even sweet biscuits to enjoy.

Centered on the table, in the framed backdrop, the cake was three layers of divinity just waiting to be eaten up.  In an arrangement of black and white detailing, this cake added a sophisticated touch that really stole the show. It was even set on a tall black cake tray, adding a dramatic effect that was sure to stand out.

Credits – Event Planning – Invento Festo

black-damask-70th-birthday-party-cakepopsblack-damask-70th-birthday-party-cookies black-damask-70th-birthday-party-dessert-table-cake-centerpiece black-damask-70th-birthday-party-dessert-table-cake-centerpiece-ideas black-damask-70th-birthday-party-dessert-table-close-gift-box black-damask-70th-birthday-party-floral-arrangement black-damask-70th-birthday-party-floral-arrangements black-damask-70th-birthday-party-floral-arrangements-decorations black-damask-70th-birthday-party-ideas black-damask-70th-birthday-party-ideas-macarons black-damask-70th-birthday-party-ideas-treats black-damask-70th-birthday-party-main-table black-damask-70th-birthday-party-treats gold-black-damask-70th-birthday-party-decorated-drinking-glass gold-black-damask-70th-birthday-party-dessert-table-close

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