Ghostbustin’ Birthday Bash


This Ghostbustin’ Birthday Bash was jam packed with action filled fun that any super-fan of the classic movie could feel special celebrating with as a theme. It was easy to fall in love with the fantastic stylings of Noir Style Invites who took this wonderful Ghostbusters theme and created a memorable event for a wonderful vip.

To introduce the birthday in true fashion, bold invitations were made to entice little ghostbusters to join in on the fun. With a black background and a yellow and black border, they went along with the theme in a modern way.  The fonts used were bright and bold.

The venue was decked out in everything a ghostbuster could enjoy immensely.  An entire wall space was covered in vibrant yellow caution tape, making it a great location for a photo op station.  A giant marshmallow man stood tall with his arms open in a maniacally inviting way.  Each guest was provided their own personal can of ghost bustin’ goodness, cans of silly string, to get them ready for some fun.

To energize the little guests, a snack table was bursting with goodies for all to try out.  Covered in black and surrounded with caution tape, it blended with the theme perfectly.  A backdrop of sheer black over brick made a sweet attention grabber along with a fantastic led Ghostbuster sign.

The snacks were positively drool-worthy for all Ghostbuster lovers with themed shapes and decor that made them one of a kind.  Sugar cookies were shaped into classics from the logo to marshmallow man. A towering pile of twinkies were set at the back of the table invitingly.  Green jello with a dollop of whipped cream made a Slimetastic addition. They were set in a tray full of green sixlets, adding to the slime effect deliciously.  From top to bottom, this party was absolutely extravagant.

Ghostbustin’-Birthday-Bash-Beverages Ghostbustin’-Birthday-Bash-Bottled-Water Ghostbustin’-Birthday-Bash-Cookies Ghostbustin’-Birthday-Bash-Costume Ghostbustin’-Birthday-Bash-Ghost-Decor-Treats Ghostbustin’-Birthday-Bash-Invitations Ghostbustin’-Birthday-Bash-Jello Ghostbustin’-Birthday-Bash-Light-Up-Sign Ghostbustin’-Birthday-Bash-Marshamallow-Man-Caution-Tape Ghostbustin’-Birthday-Bash-Marshmallow-Man Ghostbustin’-Birthday-Bash-Nametags Ghostbustin’-Birthday-Bash-Place-Settings Ghostbustin’-Birthday-Bash-Silly-String Ghostbustin’-Birthday-Bash-Sugar-Cookies

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