Festive Llama Birthday Party


This Festive Llama Birthday Party was decorated fantastically by Quaintly Amusing. Vibrant colors brought this party to life along with adorable decor including llamas and desert details.  An exciting treat table was placed expertly in front of a window, allowing natural lighting to fill the space perfectly.  A wooden pallet made a neat backdrop with the birthday girl’s name front and center in pink lettering. The border of the pallet was enhanced with colorful paper poms of varying colors and sizes to draw the eye.

The table itself was covered with a white cloth, ensuring that the bright green of the cacti decorations would stand out boldly.  Around the front of the table, miniature cacti made a nice border to introduce the them. A wonderful cactus pinata stood at the back of the table in fun fashion right beside a llama one.  A cute little sign advertising the party was placed on the other side of this table as well. There was even a small light up cactus at the back to give a lovely bit of illumination.

Large jars were filled with a variety of tasty candies in rainbow colors to blend with this festive theme deliciously.  The cake was an adorable two layer llama with exquisite details and an array of colors. It was even topped with little stand up ears! To spoil the little guests, each one was given their own stuffed llama to take home.

To make this party truly one of a kind, this special vip got to experience their own little petting zoo!  The only thing better than adorable llama decorations is being able to visit with a real one. This miniature zoo also had other animals for the visitors to enjoy checking out including goats and ducks.  The party was sure to be a complete success with entertainment for all the children!

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Planning/design – Quaintly Amusing




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