Elephant Themed Birthday Party

Contrary to the popular saying, it actually is a good thing to have an elephant (or several!) in the room! When searching for a universally joyful theme for a birthday party, look no further than an elephant motif. Your event can be just as larger than life and loveable as an elephant itself, and when it comes to decor, food, favors, and game options, you are definitely without limits.

No matter the age range of your guests, young and old alike has a special affinity for the cute elephant. From a light array of adorable decorations to maybe even a more serious, black and gold-toned cultural element, you can go in just about any direction when it comes to this theme. Bring the jungle into your venue space, and don’t forget to include animal crackers (plain and frosted alike!) into your food spread. Colorful balloons with elephant silhouettes, Dumbo or The Little Princess playing in the background, and glittery flower puffs hanging from the ceiling with sweet cartoon elephant designs are all wonderful ways to showcase a world adoration for the kindest creatures on earth. You can even get your guests in on some fun activities with intricate, Indian pages to color, or even paint-by-numbers. Regardless of all you choose to bring your party together, it will be a truly special and unforgettable birthday.

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