Double Ninjago Birthday Party


To celebrate a fantastic double birthday party in style, Impressions masterminded this bold Double Ninjago Birthday Party. The rainbow of vibrant colors that Legos are known for offered a fantastic base to bring this special party to life.

For a buffet, this party had a whole massive Ninjago table set-up that looked wonderful.  Set with a Chinese style backdrop and a bright flaming front a neat grill like scene was uniquely created. Delicious finger food made the cut at this party ranging from sandwiches to burgers and pigs-in-a-blanket.  Little Lego ninjas made an adorable finishing touch to the decor on the pseudo-grill.

The guest table was set up in a long row so the kids could visit with one another easily. Covered in a white base, the vibrantly colored ninjago buildings used as centerpieces stood out quite dramatically. They held delicious looking cupcakes with adorable pong toppers. Each place setting had a bright red plate, black napkin, swirly straw and fun jar to drink from. A fun addition to the guest seating were golden ninja style weapons placed on the back of each chair. Hanging lanterns styled to look like ninjas made a perfect addition to the decor at this party.

For a tasty treat, a layered ninja lego cake was prepared to perfection. Layers in rainbow tones with mini ninjas and legos as decorations offered the kids at this event a fantastic dessert to enjoy. It was even topped with ninja swords! Other tasty treats designed for this special day included sugar cookies frosted in elaborate detail, each with a unique look.  There were also scrumptious looking brownies with lego shaped frosting on top, to match the theme spectacularly.  From top to bottom, this Ninjago Lego adventure was certain to please two very special party vips.

Double-Ninjago-Birthday-Party-Beverages Double-Ninjago-Birthday-Party-Cake Double-Ninjago-Birthday-Party-Chair-Decor Double-Ninjago-Birthday-Party-Cupcake-Holder Double-Ninjago-Birthday-Party-Guest-Table Double-Ninjago-Birthday-Party-Hanging-Lantern Double-Ninjago-Birthday-Party-Layered-Cake Double-Ninjago-Birthday-Party-Lego-Brownies Double-Ninjago-Birthday-Party-Ninja-Cookies Double-Ninjago-Birthday-Party-Ninja-Decor Double-Ninjago-Birthday-Party-Ninja-Decorations Double-Ninjago-Birthday-Party-Sugar-Cookies Double-Ninjago-Birthday-Party-Weapons


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