Dol – First Birthday Party

This Lila’s Dol First Birthday Party was a phenomenal blend of colors and fun that was created by Lila’s mom, Angie Bae of Meli & Angi. With a room full of DIY items with sentiment, this party is one that offered a personal and exciting touch.

Dol - First Birthday Party decoration ideas

To start, this event was introduced to the guests through a unique invitation that was sure to have everyone wanting more. In addition to send a paper card invitation, button sugar cookies were made and packaged in an adorable plastic case and filled with tissue shred for cushioning. The cookies were frosting in pink and green and marked with Korean letters saying, lila/1 (chook/dol – 1st birthday).

In order to greet everyone as they came to the party room,  fantastic photos of the birthday girl were posted in the elevators saying “Oh! You made it. I’m on the 4th floor!”

A white wall in the venue area was decked out in an array of gorgeous photos as well, giving everyone a lovely decoration to check out. They were displayed gallery style, giving an artsy effect that was impressive.

Bringing tradition into this party was a big part of the beauty of it. A “doljabee” – a traditional element of a Dol, was laid out and all of the guests were able to guess which items birthday girl would choose. This gave a sweet way to have everyone feel included in the fun.

Vibrant colors were used to bring the party area to life, handmade candy pillars were a fantastic example with their innovative designs and delicious composition.  The cake was a shimmery delight in two circular layers that were covered in adorable colors and details that were sure to impress.

Even the centerpieces embraced the wonderful cultural aspect of the celebration with globes of various heights in bright colors, representing a family of 3.

Credits –

Planning/button cookies – Angie Bae –  Meli & Angi

Invitations – Tiny Prints

Centerpieces – Heather Bailey’s template

Birthday cake – Ruth Shin of Brooklyn Cake

Photos – Mary Jane Photography

 Dol - First Birthday Party banner Dol - First Birthday Party cake matching traditional korean dress Dol - First Birthday Party cake Dol - First Birthday Party centerpiece Dol - First Birthday Party food Dol - First Birthday Party fruit and korean rice cakes dduk Dol - First Birthday Party game traditional game dolijabee Dol - First Birthday Party hanbok Dol - First Birthday Party lollipops Dol - First Birthday Party sugar cookies Dol - First Birthday Party take out boxes go ims pillars behind the Dol - First Birthday Party cake

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