Frozen Birthday Party

Making a little one’ princess party dream come true, Tinytime Studio put together a gorgeous Frozen Party that oozed elegance and excitement. With blue, white and silver for base theme tones, the room had a cool atmosphere and a sophisticated approach.

Giving the theme a more realistic approach, favorite tunes from the Disney movie Frozen were played throughout the venue for the party, letting all the little ones dance and play.


The table set-up was unique with two rectangular ones laid at angles surrounding an adorable little round one.  This opened up more space for the backdrop that was made and ensured that there was an area for each treat that was laid out.

The backdrop was wonderful, a sweet arrangement of sheer white and blue fabric was hung to bring out the theme colors beautifully. In addition, fun lights were strung up with the fabric for a shimmery effect.  Lining the fabric across the top, white and blue balloons were placed in a row, creating that uniform, elegant vibe. To give a fuller look, tall bouquets of balloons were also placed at each end of the tables.

Each table had a fantastic layering that went with theme spectacularly. The rectangle ones had blue with white snowflakes hanging over it and the center circular table had a white base, with a satin fabric draped for layering topped with a beautiful snowflake.

The spread of food was delicious, with a range of options to choose from so each partygoer would be able to find something they liked. Mini burgers were made for little hands to pick up easily, and they were named “Anna’s burgers” to incorporate the theme smoothly.  The sweet cake made was adorable, a layer of wonderful white with the birthday girls’ names on it in blue.  For a neat representation of the movie a little ice castle topped the cake and the favorite characters from it were placed precisely to draw the eye.

Credits – Tinytime Studio

disney-frozen-birthday-party-burgers-with-cute-labels-annas-burger disney-frozen-birthday-party-decorations-bunting disney-frozen-birthday-party-entrance disney-frozen-birthday-party-favor-bags disney-frozen-birthday-party-guest-table disney-frozen-birthday-party-ice disney-frozen-birthday-party-main-table disney-frozen-birthday-party-oalf-nose-carrots disney-frozen-birthday-party-treats disney-frozen-birthday-party-treats-sweets

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