Dazzling Minnie Mouse Birthday Party

Dazzling- Minnie-Mouse-Birthday-Party-Cloth-Backdrop

Bee-unike Events masterminded this Dazzling Minnie Mouse Birthday Party, creating a glamorous celebration for a very special little person. To create the elegant flow of this cute theme, a long backdrop was created with a blend of pink, white and golden fabrics, all with a massive Minnie silhouette. On each side, tall columns of balloons in pink and gold added a sweet touch.

Expanding on a basic buffet table, adorable vintage style tables were placed on each side, enveloping the space in the venue perfectly. The tables matched with a lovely aged-white tone. On each of them a cute bouquet of flowers was set on the end along with a fantastic Minnie Mouse shrub in a vase.

The snack table was gorgeously wrapped in dark pink and light pink streamers, giving a thick and textured look that was divine.  The top of the table had a cover in light pink rosettes.

Taking the stage, three delicious cakes had their very own table to stand out on. The table had a golden stand with a glass top that went with the theme beautifully.  The cakes were all designed to match each other with adorable golden Minnie Mouse tops.  The table was even set on a fantastic, thick white blanket.

At the back, the snack table held all sorts of tasty treats that were all decorated to match the theme perfectly. Little rice krispy treats were shaped into Minnie Mouse and frosted in pink. Cakepops were topped with pretty pink bows and golden sprinkles.

The guest tables were all decked out in a royally golden look. Each one had a gold covered and a centerpiece of pretty pink and white flowers with little Minnie toppers in the middle. The chairs were even decorated with pink wraps around the backs of them.

Dazzling- Minnie-Mouse-Birthday-Party-Cake-Buffet Dazzling- Minnie-Mouse-Birthday-Party-Cakepops Dazzling- Minnie-Mouse-Birthday-Party-Cakes Dazzling- Minnie-Mouse-Birthday-Party-Flowers Dazzling- Minnie-Mouse-Birthday-Party-Rice-Krispies Dazzling- Minnie-Mouse-Birthday-Party-Treat-Stand


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Bee-unike Events


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