Curious George Birthday Party

This lovely birthday party took the Curious George theme and made it personal by changing it to match the birthday boy as a Curious Grant theme. The bold distribution of bright colors gave a life to this venue that was sure to impress.

The event was designed by the talented Esther of My Bride Story, and she left no detail out, ensuring that Curious George was incorporated throughout in a fun way.

The treat table was a blast of adorable red, yellow and blue, each item standing out remarkably, looking quite delicious. The area above the table was decorated with the cutest dangling circles of color, making the theme shine from the ceiling to the floor. The table itself was covered in a light blue cloth, layered beautifully over white for a textured effect. The treats were spread with precision, making each convenient for guests to grab.

One sweet feature at this party was an area set up for fun photos to be taken with a fantastic backdrop, allowing the visiting families to join in on the memory making with their own creative shots.

An outdoor area was set up with a fabulous red couch and ottoman along with a white coffee table and a radio flyer full of delicious beverages, making it easy for everyone to grab a drink.  With blue lanterns draped above, this area was a pure delight.  There was even a special space laid out for the birthday boy with his name beautifully spelled out in the grass and an adorable white bench with throw pillows set behind it.  Pinwheels added a touch of fun to the design. Incorporated throughout the venue area, arrangements of beautiful red flowers were displayed, pulling the look together with a natural element that was brilliantly done.

Credits –

Planned by  – My Bride Story

Monkey logo – Chickabug

Photos – Don & David Photography

curious-george-birthday-party curious-george-birthday-party-cupcakes-toppers curious-george-birthday-party-curious-grant curious-george-birthday-party-cutlery curious-george-birthday-party-decoration-ideas curious-george-birthday-party-decorations-books-novels curious-george-birthday-party-dessert-bar-milk-shooters with chocolate cookies curious-george-birthday-party-florals curious-george-birthday-party-game curious-george-birthday-party-garlands curious-george-birthday-party-setting curious-george-birthday-party-treats-cupcakes curious-george-birthday-party-treats-cupcakes-sweets

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