Colorful Paw Patrol Birthday

Colorful Paw Patrol BirthdayColorful-Paw-Patrol-Birthday-Party-Dessert-Table Inspired by the adorable Disney hit show Paw Patrol, this Colorful Paw Patrol Birthday was stylishly put together by Be My Guest Party. With a brilliant array of theme colors and a vibrant venue filled with bright light, the kids were sure to feel welcome when entering this party area. The dessert stand was set-up in a classic fashion that was sure to be fun for everyone to grab treats from. A red and white striped awning stood overhead, giving a real candy stand vibe. The table was placed in front of a window with a sheer fabric curtain that allowed the light to filter in softly. For the treats, a minimalist approach was taken for the displayed trays, allowing the treats to draw attention.  The trays all had a slim, white, modern look that the candies sat on beautifully. Each of the treats was made to match the theme brilliant from the paws and Paw Patrol shields on sugar cookies to the fun Paw Patrol candied cookies on sticks. The range of colors was fantastic, each matching the colorful show to perfection. Gifts for the visitors were in adorable Paw Patrol boxes that were lined up on each side of the buffet at an angle so it was easy to grab and go.  The printables at this party matched the theme in a fun and bold way, chocolates had cute wrappers that matched and there were even giant jars full of popcorn with Paw Patrol labels on them. At the back of the table right in the middle a fantastic birthday cake introduced the theme for this event wonderfully. Two gigantic layers of delightful dessert held precise details from the Paw Patrol logo to actual characters from the show as toppers. Colorful-Paw-Patrol-Birthday-Party-Bright-Cupcakes Colorful-Paw-Patrol-Birthday-Party-Candy-Coated-Cookies Colorful-Paw-Patrol-Birthday-Party-Cookies-And-Cupcakes Colorful-Paw-Patrol-Birthday-Party-Dessert-Stand Colorful-Paw-Patrol-Birthday-Party-Paper-Art Colorful-Paw-Patrol-Birthday-Party-Popcorn Colorful-Paw-Patrol-Birthday-Party-Sugar-Cookies Colorful-Paw-Patrol-Birthday-Party-Tiered-Cake Colorful-Paw-Patrol-Birthday-Party-Wrapped-Chocolates Credits: Be My Guest Party MORE INSPIRATIONS:

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