Chanel Inspired Birthday Party

With a flair of detailing that created an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere, Kate of Kiss Me Kate put together a Chanel Inspired Birthday Party to remember!

A smooth blend of black, white, pink, and silver was used to bring this event to life.


Each decoration and treat was adorned beautifully with jewels and jewelry in a way that added glamour that anyone could appreciate.  Perfectly decorated cupcakes were displayed on lovely mirrors, giving a fuller than full effect and a scattering of pretty jewels made it look very sheek. Each cupcake was frosted uniquely from the CC to patterned and flower-topped varieties. The labels for each treat were a vision of sophistication in black and white glitter that stood out boldly.

The dishes used to show off all of the snacks were magnificent, each one was a shimmering success. On mirrored square tray had personalized chocolate bars that look wonderful, set right next to a fantastic bottle of perfume and even a string of pearls.

A group of macaroons was spread on a lovely tiered tray with more fun perfume bottles and a vibrantly red bottle of lipstick that added color splendidly to the display.  Wonderful glass jars with a variety of tasty treats were spread around the table as well, with the smooth labels and fun splashes of black ribbon and jewels.  There were even cake pops each frosted in pink, black or white, embracing the color palette perfectly.

No Chanel party is complete without a spectacular cake, and this one was no acception.  The cake was two layers of decadence perfectly patterned and jeweled, so much so that it was almost sad to eat it all up! It was set on a lovely tray with an array of jewelry that emphasized the theme fantastically.

Credits – Kiss Me Kate

chocolate coco-chanel-inspired-birthday-party-cake coco-chanel-inspired-birthday-party-chocolate-wrapper-diamond coco-chanel-inspired-birthday-party-classic-makeup coco-chanel-inspired-birthday-party-cupcake-toppers coco-chanel-inspired-birthday-party-fabulous-dessert-table coco-chanel-inspired-birthday-party-fabulous-dessert-table-with-treats coco-chanel-inspired-birthday-party-fabulous-dessert-table-with-treats-snacks coco-chanel-inspired-birthday-party-macarons coco-chanel-inspired-birthday-party-toffee-bon-bons coco-chanel-inspired-birthday-party-treat coco-chanel-inspired-birthday-party-treats coco-chanel-inspired-birthday-party-treats-cakepops coco-chanel-inspired-birthday-party-vanilla-cupcakes coco-chanel-inspired-birthday-party-vanilla-cupcakes-beauty coco-chanel-inspired-birthday-party-vanilla-cupcakes-glam-sparkle coco-chanel-inspired-birthday-party-welcome-sign-classy-fabulous

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