Charming Kentucky Derby Style Birthday



From the adorable soft pastel theme tones to the fantastic array of snacks, this Charming Kentucky Derby Style Birthday was quite a beauty.  Mon Amie Harlow used their expert design skills to bring the joy of the Kentuck Derby right to one very special little birthday girl.

The chosen venue was delightful with all sorts of natural lighting that gave a warm and inviting vibe. Prize ribbons were innovatively incorporated into the activities as well as the decor, with large copies on the backs of the guest seating.  The miniature prize ribbons used for the activities were even labelled so the guests could keep them as a fun memento.

An elegant dessert table was stunningly decorated with a backdrop of single rose blooms that were all spread apart beautifully across the wall.  A large white framed gave a neat charming effect set on a pallet right behind a decadent layered cake.  The cake was pure perfection with a bouquet of rose blooms as the topper, edible of course. Each treat was laid out with plenty of space for guests to grab and go.  White trays added to the elegant style of this section. The table was covered in a soft pink cloth that matched the roses sweetly.

Yummy snacks filled piping bags that were tied with tiny ribbons and were then placed with precision around a stack of tasty frosted sugar cookies. Cupcakes stood in a row at the back of the table with tasty pink frosting.  There were also fun rice krispy treats shaped into various birthday numbers for the children to enjoy.

A pyramid style shelf unit was utilized with pretzels and other yummy snacks too. This shelving was decorated with a massive column of balloons in various shades.  There was even bottled water to keep thirst at bay.

This is what planner Genevieve Locquiao had to say! “I’m the owner of Mon Amie Harlow (children’s indoor play space in Los Gatos, CA) and knew we had to go a little extra for my daughter Dakota’s 2nd birthday. So for her 2nd birthday we ditched the Elmo party (which she loves) and went for something unique, a Derby Themed Party with pastels.”

Charming-Kentucky-Derby-Style-Birthday-Award-Ribbons Charming-Kentucky-Derby-Style-Birthday-Balloons Charming-Kentucky-Derby-Style-Birthday-Cake Charming-Kentucky-Derby-Style-Birthday-Chair-Ribbons Charming-Kentucky-Derby-Style-Birthday-Chocolate-Tray Charming-Kentucky-Derby-Style-Birthday-Churros Charming-Kentucky-Derby-Style-Birthday-Cookies Charming-Kentucky-Derby-Style-Birthday-Desserts Charming-Kentucky-Derby-Style-Birthday-Flowers Charming-Kentucky-Derby-Style-Birthday-Food Charming-Kentucky-Derby-Style-Birthday-Frosted-Cookies Charming-Kentucky-Derby-Style-Birthday-Mint-Julep-Bar Charming-Kentucky-Derby-Style-Birthday-Mint-Julep-Graphics Charming-Kentucky-Derby-Style-Birthday-Rice-Krispies Charming-Kentucky-Derby-Style-Birthday-Sugar-Cookies Charming-Kentucky-Derby-Style-Birthday-Treats Charming-Kentucky-Derby-Style-Birthday-Water


Photo Credit – Aimi Photo​ (
Location – Mon Amie Harlow​ (
Florist – Josie Locquiao​
Event Design/Decorations/Signage –  Mon Amie Harlow​ (
Stationery | Marizette Paperie – An Invitation Boutique​ (
Food – Konjoe Burger Bar​ (
Desserts – Candice Elaco Wong​
Custom Cookies – Ingrid Hotchkiss Aclan​
Churros – Churrosel Guero
Kid’s Charcuterie Board – Vanessa Sadueste​




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