Casino Themed Birthday Party Ideas

A birthday party is only as memorable as its theme, and one of the best is an event done in casino style. This is a wildly popular and extremely fun theme, especially for the older crowd, and it’s one of the most interactive motifs you can choose. Between snazzy decorations, delectable food, and adventurous party games, putting together a casino themed birthday party can be one that your friends and loved ones talk about for a long time after.

Casino Themed Invitation

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Casino Themed Party Decorations

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The color palate for a casino themed birthday party involves bold colors of reds, blacks, and whites, and can also incorporate accent hues of glittery gold and silver. The decorations themselves are bright, elaborate, and the options for what you can do are creatively limitless! Basic, staple décor should be red and black balloons, streamers with designs of spades and clubs, and playing card garland that’s easy to make yourself. Big signs reading “Casino” can be placed at entryways, event tables, or just all around your party venue in general.


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Paper garland letters, golden balloon letters, or even DIY lighted letters are a great way to make these signs pop and to really illuminate the casino theme. Hang oversized, fuzzy dice from the ceiling, or utilize dice replica vases to house beautiful red flowers. Use casino themed backdrops with images of Las Vegas and gambling games to transform your space into what feels like a real casino. Utilize aesthetic accessories like tall candlesticks with a bouquet of feathers on top or framed printouts of mobsters and 1950’s celebrities like Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, and Frank Sinatra. Fill doorways with vertical, shiny circle garland that guests have to walk through for an ultimate snazzy feel, and don’t shy away from oversized, blingy, and bright décor.

Casino Party Theme Setter

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Casino Themed Birthday Party Food

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The decorations are only the beginning of setting the tone for a casino themed birthday party, however. The most important aspect is the food. The birthday cake should be extravagant and mouth dropping, so going for multiple tiers can truly make it larger than life. A three-tiered cake with each layer being a square replica of a die, complete with an elaborate red and black feathered boa topper and sparklers. An octagon-shaped single layered cake that replicates a poker table with all the details formed in sugar fondant is also an amazing piece of art. Candies served in martini glasses and sugar cookies with frosting that mimics playing cards, dice, and poker chips compliment the birthday cake perfectly. Miniature roulette tables that hold chips, pretzels, nuts, and other party snacks adds an extra flair of fun. Miniature sparkling champagne bottles and liquor filled tiny chocolates are also a quaint treat to give guests.

Casino Themed Cake by Lanrete58


Casino Themed Games & Favors

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What’s really great about a casino themed birthday party is that party games and favors can really go hand in hand. A casino is all about playing games and winning prizes, so why not set up gaming tables for your guests to play and win fantastic favors? Poker, roulette, and craps are just a few casino games that are easy to set up and easy to teach guests that don’t know how to play. Your party can last for hours and hours with your guests having a blast with these games, mingling, and winning party favors. Some good prizes are dice bottle stoppers, Vegas coasters, or playing card visor hats that mimic the ones worn by actual casino game dealers. And of course, you can’t forget the presentation of these prizes! Dice boxes, satin black bags, and a personalized flute filled with candy are all great ways to send your guests home feeling like ultimate winners.

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Casino Themed Photo Booth Props

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