Candy Shop Themed Birthday Party

Who wouldn’t want a candy shop themed birthday party that features all the awesome candy from an old-fashioned candy shop? Lima Limao did an amazing job creating a dream come true candy shop party for a very lucky birthday girl. As the main centerpiece, the cake sits surrounded by all the goodies you can find in a candy shop. This gorgeous cake features a candy shop replica as the top layer.  The tall second tier features suckers and candies wrapped in blue, pink, and yellow wrappers and tied with black string licorice.

Candy Shop Themed Birthday Party dessert table

Delicate vases of baby’s breath and purple and white flowers guard the cake and added a touch of old-fashioned charm. In front of the cake, is pastel decorated cake pops and around the cake itself are bright pink and yellow cupcake holders taking care of chocolate candies sprinkled with more chocolate.

Cupcakes topped with yellow and white swirled suckers surround the cake and dance around the table. I love those awesome huge suckers that shine in candy shop windows! Pink, yellow and white huge suckers hang above the cake. Clara’s Candy Shop popcorn envelopes rest in a pink and white polka-dotted box and more cupcakes and cake pops decorate the table.

Jars of blue and green candies and colorful smiley suckers rest in jars around the table and cups of cotton candy vie for space as a centerpiece. The table features flowers that are essential parts of a candy shop. Delicate baby’s breath vie with white and purple flowers in eclectic vases. Everything comes together beautifully to create a real candy shop atmosphere.

Balloons hover over the candy table where cupcakes decorated with more frosting-lollipops huddle in white paper cups set atop pastel bases. Clara is indeed a lucky girl. Listed on top of containers holding is the announcement, Clara’s Candy Shop.

Jars of peppermints dance with delicate flowers and cupcakes and chocolate balls display quite prettily on their pedestals. One of my favorite features of this party is Clara’s Candy Shop kiosk. There are adorable party boxes waiting to be picked up!

The food table features balloons in pink and white, and the table features a delicate cutwork tablecloth. On this table, you will find cream puffs, cookies, cheese, and fruits plus muffins decorated with sprigs of greenery.

Credit –

Lima Limao

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