Butterfly Birthday Party Ideas

butterfly birthday party ideas

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Butterfly Birthday Party Ideas


Whether you are throwing a party indoors or outdoors, a Butterfly Birthday Party makes an elegant and delightful theme that not only kids, but adults will love as well. Using such a sweet natural favorite, you can used any colors imaginable to create an event to remember.

Printable Birthday Butterfly Invitation


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Butterfly Party – Decorations – Food – Favors

For a little girl you can use a mix of light and bold pinks to bring a sophisticated and lovely look to your venue. Adding a touch of purple to the decorations can create an elegant feel for older girls. For a little boy, you can go wild with bold oranges, blues, and greens to create an exciting look.

A Butterfly party is a great theme for all of your DIY crafting ideas, you can make adorable invitations with ease.  Using a soft, sweet font and an array of gorgeous little butterfly stickers you are sure to have the guests ready to come to the party.

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Mix balloons that complement your theme colors. You can make balloon bouquets and then tie little butterflies onto the strings to give them a natural flying effect. You can use poster board to make your butterflies, letting you personalize them however you would like to.  Glitter will add a touch of glam that definitely brings glam to any party. This is also a wonderful party to have lots of confetti at, sprinkle it around your guest centerpieces for flashy fun. The centerpieces can be floral arrangements that bring more of the natural aspect into your theme, along with grass table cover and perhaps a little white picket fence surrounding the floral centerpiece, or your can make butterfly bouquets for a unique twist.

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Girl 1st Birthday Decorations Printable - Butterfly Birthday


ELEGANT PINK BUTTERFLY Printable party Backdrop


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For your food arrangement, you can make cupcakes that have butterflies on them by using chocolate covered pretzels as wings for a 3-D look that tastes yummy. Cookies are always a hit and you can shape them into butterflies using butterfly cutter and frost them all with different styles to have a whole tray of beauty. Have some different salads to bring in more green for an accent to the butterfly colors you choose to decorate with. You can have a sheet cake for the birthday centerpiece and cover it in elegant little butterflies or flowers on a garden bed.

Caterpillar tag is a fun game for kids to play at a Butterfly party.  One child is “it” and runs to catch the other children. As they each get tagged, they link hands ending up in a row that looks like a caterpillar.  For an older group you can create a butterfly word find and have the kids compete to see who can finish it first.

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Personalized party favors offer an elegant gift for guests at a Butterfly Birthday Party. You can give out lotions or bubbles with labels that match the theme and thank you notes. Butterfly bookmarks offer a lovely memento as well. You could even offer little candies like mints or m&ms that have little butterflies printed on them.  With such a lighthearted and sweet party theme, a Butterfly party is sure to offer memories that will last.

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