Breakfast at Tiffany’s Birthday Party

Breakfast at Tiffany's Birthday Party

With a mom that adores Breakfast at Tiffany’s, it only stands to reason that her little ones first birthday party should reflect the elegance and sophistication of that iconic movie.  With help from the fantastic Cyntia of Party to be Festas, the party was certain to be a success.

From top to bottom this perfect venue was wonderfully decorated to create a stunning visual effect.  The room used for the party was actually open to the outdoors, allowing natural lighting to brighten the room substantially.

breakfast-at-tiffanys-birthday-party take home favors

The dessert table was absolutely surreal with wonderful details that were sure to be noticed by all.  The table used had two fantastic ornate legs that gave an elegant appearance.  The table was white and wrapped in a soft teal ribbon, really embracing the Tiffany theme perfectly.  On each side of this table towers of gift boxes introduced the party theme with flair.  Three shrubs in pails stood in front, filling the area with a lovely natural touch. For a creative and wonderful addition, white lamp posts were even used to enhance the look of the table.

As a backdrop, french doors were used to accent the table with sheer curtains and adorable teal ribbons.  The window was framed with cute heart cut-outs.

Treats were innovatively created with frosting and decor that matched the theme very nicely.  Cupcakes were perfectly frosted in teal with cute little pearl like drops on them.  Each was placed in a cup, making it easy for guests to take without making a mess. Other treats included little donuts and chocolates, so everyone would be able to find a tasty option to hit that sweet spot.

The cake made for the party was fantastic, two layers of pure decadence frosted to look like it came straight out of the Tiffany movie. It was even set on a teal cake tray for a gorgeous effect.

audrey hepburn sun glasses mirror pearls breakfast-at-tiffanys-birthday-party backdrops and tiffany blue boxes white ribbon breakfast-at-tiffanys-birthday-party boxes breakfast-at-tiffanys-birthday-party cupcake toppers breakfast-at-tiffanys-birthday-party cupcakes decorations pearl necklace breakfast-at-tiffanys-birthday-party desserts cakepops cake breakfast-at-tiffanys-birthday-party entrance breakfast-at-tiffanys-birthday-party florals breakfast-at-tiffanys-birthday-party sign breakfast-at-tiffanys-birthday-party table scape breakfast-at-tiffanys-birthday-party take home favors breakfast-at-tiffanys-birthday-party tiffany blue boxes breakfast-at-tiffanys-birthday-party tiffany blue favor boxes breakfast-at-tiffanys-birthday-party toppers breakfast-at-tiffanys-birthday-party treats breakfast-at-tiffanys-birthday-party white flower tiara

Credits – Party to be Festas

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