Blue And Yellow Royal Prince Birthday


An elegant arched fabric ceiling set the scene for this Blue And Yellow Royal Prince Birthday party.  With chandeliers and massive windows, the venue was large, open and royal looking. Using blue and yellow decorations, the celebration was colorful and inviting. Casa de Festa Pimbalalao helped in creating the decor for this party ensuring that the family would make memories together that would last for a lifetime.

At one end of the venue, a massive backdrop of blue and yellow balloons drew the eye to a table arrangement that was fit for a Prince indeed. From the massive tiered cake to the elegantly detailed desserts, everyone was certain to feel spoiled at this party.

Round tables were used for guest seating at the event, keeping everyone close together for easy visiting while they enjoyed the treats. The tables were lavishly decorated with adorable pillows in the center that held crowns with floating balloons. Each place setting featured a blue napkin with a golden logo’d napkin holder too.

The dessert section was set up in unique fashion with a large round table holding the cake in front and a long rectangular table holding the goodies behind. On each side of the cake table adorable, large white silhouettes of Princes on horses introduced the theme beautifully.

Treats were displayed on lovely white trays along with fun, royal decorations like a massive golden crown on each end of the dessert table. Candied apples were covered in gold and blue with sticks to make them easy to grab. Pudding cups were finely detailed in miniature goblets with spoons in each one.  There were even delightful cupcakes wrapped in crowns for a neat effect. For each of the guests a cute little bag was prepared with a crown on right on the front too.

Blue-And-Yellow-Royal-Prince-Birthday-Balloons Blue-And-Yellow-Royal-Prince-Birthday-Boxes Blue-And-Yellow-Royal-Prince-Birthday-Cake Blue-And-Yellow-Royal-Prince-Birthday-Candies Blue-And-Yellow-Royal-Prince-Birthday-Carriage Blue-And-Yellow-Royal-Prince-Birthday-Chocolate-Bars Blue-And-Yellow-Royal-Prince-Birthday-Crown Blue-And-Yellow-Royal-Prince-Birthday-Cupcakes Blue-And-Yellow-Royal-Prince-Birthday-Drinks Blue-And-Yellow-Royal-Prince-Birthday-Giant-Crown Blue-And-Yellow-Royal-Prince-Birthday-Gift-Bags Blue-And-Yellow-Royal-Prince-Birthday-Guest-Table Blue-And-Yellow-Royal-Prince-Birthday-Lollipops Blue-And-Yellow-Royal-Prince-Birthday-Pudding-Cups Blue-And-Yellow-Royal-Prince-Birthday-Tea-Set Blue-And-Yellow-Royal-Prince-Birthday-Treats

Credits: Casa de Festa Pimbalalao



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