Bang Bang Wild West Birthday

Bang Bang Wild West Birthday

Bang Bang Wild West Birthday by Invento Festa:

This Bang Bang Wild West birthday party was planned by Invento Festa. The party was filled with western flair and adorable decor.

The dessert table was filled with delicious looking creations. The largest cake was three-tiers and included a dessert scene on the bottom layer, complete with cactuses. The middle layer of the cake was cow print and the top layer featured a red bandana with a hat and lasso topper. A smaller cake was decorated with a “TNT’ sign and featured a custom made cowboy on the top. Another platter of goodies was filled with cowboy themed cupcakes. Each cupcake included a cow printed wrapper. The cupcakes were decorated with cowboy hats, stars,  horseshoes, and cactuses. Cake pops were uniquely decorated to look like little bags of money. An assortment of cupcakes were set on a miniature train track and made to look like explosives. Pudding cups were served in elegant glass jars decorated with red and white checkered ribbon. Each pudding cup came with its own wooden spoon. Guests could also choose from custom cookies and macaroons.

The background of the dessert table was adorable! A barn wood looking backdrop featured a sign that read “Saloon.” Below the backdrop, a red bandana print added color and fit perfectly with the theme. A real cowboy hat and rope adorned the wall, which gave the party an authentic cowboy feel. Real hay bails decorated either side of the table. The hay bails served as the perfect spot to place realistic-looking dynamite and money bags. A real large cactus behind the hay bails was the perfect touch. Potted cactuses were placed throughout the table and dessert area. Potted cactuses were placed throughout the table and dessert area.

Guests had the opportunity to take home some unique party favors. Adorable miniature brown pots filled with a special treat were wrapped in red and white cloth and even included a wooden spoon. Small glass jars were filled with candy for guests to take on the go. Guests also got their very own cowboy hat, bandana, and badge.

A “Wanted” frame hanging from a tree served as the perfect place to snap memorable photos. There was even a cowboy hat to use as a photo prop.

Real tee-pees were set up in the yard to give the little cowboys a fun experience. There was even an adorable fake fire outside near the tee-pees.

Two wooden chairs provided the perfect place for guests to relax. One of the chairs was decorated with a red bandana and adorable cowboy print balloons.


Invento Festa
Cupcakes, Cakepops, Cookies: Doces-Bolos Maria Célia
Macarons: Sweet Mel
Props: Criare
Balloons: Caldeirão Mágico
Entertainment: Turma do Miojo
Photography: Julie Asdurian

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