Banana Minion Birthday Party

This action packed adventure had a cute Minion Theme that was sure to have the birthday boy celebrating in style. The venue for this fantastic event utilized both indoor and outdoor space, getting the best access and versatility in an area that can be possible. With an abundance of natural lighting, the party had a lighthearted atmosphere that made it easy to see the many adorable decorations.

Banana Minion Birthday Party cake decoration ideas

Expertly designed by Lima Limão – Festas com Charme, this party enveloped everything a kid could want in a Minion celebration of fun. The treat table was set up with precision that made it simple for each little one to see what was available and reach it. With a chalkboard back drop, it was possible to add adorable personal Minion designs to the look. On each side of the table a cute arrangement of yellow balloons was decorated to mimic the minion face, each was tied with a sweet blue ribbon, ensuring they would float high enough to create a full effect.

On the back section of the treat table white box frames were laid-out to appear chaotic, fitting the Minion theme to perfection.  Placed at optimal balancing angles, the boxes were worked into the display with Minion decorations placed in, under and on top of them.

The snacks were spectacularly made for this Minion extravaganza, each blending with theme appropriately. Delicious Minion cupcakes had blue wrappers and little faces, making them look just like the token characters. Bananas were creatively spruced up, placed in adorable containers that had Minion wraps around them.

The show-stopper of this party was definitely the birthday cake. With three layers of artistic awesomeness, this treat was one that any kid could find scrumptious.  Minions were scattered around each level in adorable ways and the top even had a pile of bananas for added cuteness.

Credits – Lima Limão – Festas com Charme

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