Ballerinas And Bows Birthday Party


This Ballerinas And Bows Birthday Party was absolutely perfect for a little 4 year old! Using a classic design with pink for the theme color, it was clear that this was a lovely dancing event.   Ajz Delightful Events used their fantastic skills to give this party a unique vibe.

To make the buffet table really draw attention, a large, gray swatch of fabric was hung along a wall, making a neutral base to allow the pink of the theme to really pop. The table was absolute elegance in a sweet pink color with matching decor.  Around the front of the table tulle was used to create a tutu effect that was quite adorable.  A backdrop was created with layers of pink fabric hung to look like curtains and adorned with a sweet flower at the top.  On top of the table a pink cover was used to display all of the treats in perfection.  As a centerpiece at the very back a pink silhouette of a ballerina was framed in a fantastic vintage style frame. Another fun bit of art was a framed picture with all sorts of fun phrases written on it. To each side of the table tall vases were filled with pink and then topped with white bouquets of sweet, little white flowers.

The snacks made for this event were quite tasty looking.  Ballet slippers were made from sugar cookies and even had little bows on them.  Cupcakes were topped with little leotards and rice krispy treats were dunked in pink and tied with bow too.  There were even little bottles of fairy dust for the kids to enjoy. The center to the table was quite a vision though, a three layered cake wrapped in tulle a the bottom and displayed slippers on the top.  The middle layer even had a quilted pattern on it.

Ballerinas-And-Bows-Birthday-Party-Buffet-Decor Ballerinas-And-Bows-Birthday-Party-Cupcakes Ballerinas-And-Bows-Birthday-Party-Fairy-Dust Ballerinas-And-Bows-Birthday-Party-Flowers Ballerinas-And-Bows-Birthday-Party-Framed-Art Ballerinas-And-Bows-Birthday-Party-Rice-Krispies Ballerinas-And-Bows-Birthday-Party-Shoe-Cookies

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Ajz Delightful Events

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