BALL-tastic Soccer Football Party

BALL-tastic Soccer Football Party Theme

BALL-tastic Soccer Football Party by Perfect Packages:

This BALL-tastic Soccer Football themed party was thoughtfully planned by Perfect Packages. The party was filled with decor to mimic an exciting soccer match.

The dessert table was filled with delicious looking goodies. The center of the table held a bright green cake topped with miniature edible soccer balls on the top. The cake topper read “goal” with the letter o made to look like a soccer ball. The side of the cake was decorated with a sign for the birthday boy and soccer jerseys all the way around.  The green platter holding the cake was encircled with chocolate cupcakes. Each cupcake featured a soccer-themed topper. A double-decker tray with more cupcakes also held green and white chocolate balls in custom packaging for guests to take home. A miniature ferris wheel was also uniquely used to hold cupcakes. The Ferris wheel was decorated with a goal sign. Some of the cupcake toppers were even made to look like soccer jerseys. The jerseys even included numbers.

The background of the dessert table fit perfectly with the theme. Green and white accordion fold decorations and cutout soccer balls decorated a crisp white background. The table itself was covered in green turf made to look just like a soccer field. Cutouts of soccer players in action were placed throughout the table. Signs were placed near each tasty treats so that guests knew their options. The signs were also decorated to fit the theme with black and white soccer players around the border. The front of the table was decorated with a banner with the name of the special birthday boy being celebrated. On either side of the Ferris wheel were two shiny gold trophies.

In addition to sweet treats, there were also an array of salty treats such as popcorn, chips, and croissants. Each snack also had a decorative sign to match the theme.

Party favors were placed in adorable soccer balls. Each bag included matching decorative tags. Guests could even take home matching water bottles.

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