Bait Shop Birthday Table


Created beautifully for a very special grandson, this Bait Shop Birthday Table was a fishing adventure just waiting to be enjoyed. It was fantastically put together by Picture Perfect Party Tables whose use of fishing gear, gave a unique and bold look to the venue.

The backdrop for this fishing table was inspirational with a large fishing net draped around a rustic frame attached to the stand. With slim, teal starfish wrapped in it, the theme was introduced in an adorable way.  The table itself was a wooden wonder with a rustic charm that was sure to bring the fishermen and fisherwomen right on over. A giant flag banner in bold blue, green and orange added a burst of color to the decor too. It was hung right at the front of the table.

One of the eye-catchers on this table was a boat that was tilted upward to use as shelving for little tubes of green candies that each of the guests could take.  It was set on a mini-crate to really make it draw attention. A camping lantern was placed in front of the boat with some fishing line to create a realistic fishing vibe.

Several pails were placed at differing heights to add a full look to the stand, each one with a little bobber wrapped around it. They held tasty candies for the kids to enjoy.  Sugar cookies were shaped into fish and number 1’s as well and frosted in bright teal and green tones that made them a seaworthy treat! A tackle box was creatively used to hold all sorts of delightful candies as well. It stood at the back of the table opened so everything was easy to access.

A fabulous undersea themed cake had its own special section too with a topper of a little one in a boat fishing. With fishes swimming around the top layer and waves on the bottom, this cake was an ocean wonder!

Bait-Shop-Birthday-Table-Beverages Bait-Shop-Birthday-Table-Candy-Pails Bait-Shop-Birthday-Table-Candy-Tacklebox Bait-Shop-Birthday-Table-Chalkboard-Sign Bait-Shop-Birthday-Table-Fisherman-Topper Bait-Shop-Birthday-Table-Lobster-Decor Bait-Shop-Birthday-Table-Lollipops Bait-Shop-Birthday-Table-Marshamallowpops Bait-Shop-Birthday-Table-Marshmallowpops-Sea Bait-Shop-Birthday-Table-Sea-Cake Bait-Shop-Birthday-Table-Sugar-Cookies


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