Ahoy Pirate Birthday Party Ideas

Ahoy Pirate Birthday Party Ideas

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Ahoy Pirate Birthday Party Ideas

Photo Credit – Treasures and Tiaras

Ahoy Pirate Birthday Party Ideas decorations

Photo Credit – Treasures and Tiaras

Let your child show his or her adventurous side with a Pirate Birthday Party.  Using such an action packed idea, you are sure to have a hit. This is a theme that can include all kinds of unique touches that are certain to leave your guests happy. This theme is perfect for any adventurous boy or girl!

Pirate Party Invitations

Pirate Party Decorations

A Pirate Theme can be great with either an outdoor or indoor venue area, using natural elements like sticks and wood, you can have a rustic style that will charm. For colors a good mix would be blue and black or red and black, allowing an accent that is bold and fun. Using barrels you can make seats for your little pirates to sit at, if you have tall tables the whole barrel or just half for smaller tables. Line your guest tables with striped cloths for a pirate effect. This would be a great theme for hanging up old maps, laying out atlas’ that you have available and spreading out lots of flags. If you have some vintage storage chests, you can fill them up with costume jewelry and fake golden coins to create treasures fit for a pirate.

Ahoy Pirate Party for boys

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pretty pink Ahoy Pirate Party for girls

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Pirate Party Scene Setter

scene setter pirate ship

Pirate Party Food

There are a lot of different pirate treats that you can make for your guests to enjoy.  Rice krispy treats, cake pops and mini-cupcakes all offer a perfect size for placing little sticks in with ship flags on them to blend your food nicely with the theme.  Grilled chicken legs make a messy and fun pirate food that is also a good filler. Hot dogs, pizza and even meatloaf can also make tasty foods.  You can make a special jewel punch as a fun beverage at the party too. The night before your event just freeze up some different colors of ice cubes to place in your punch bowl and voila, a drinkable treasure trove!

Pirate Party Games

No Pirate Party would be complete without a plank walk- you can set-up a two by four wooden board for children to walk across and have them leap into a pile of blue pillows (water).  You can even make it more challenging by blindfolding the victims so it is tougher to stay on the board.  Another fun pirate adventure is the treasure hunt! Make a map for the children to decipher and see which pirate can get to the X (have a small chest will little pirate gifts waiting) first!

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Pin The Patch On The Pirate Game


Pirate Party Bags

Let all your pirate guests go home with a treasure box to remember filled with little goodies, like necklaces and rings.  Or you can arm them with play swords and bandannas so they can make their own pirate costume at home!

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