40th Las Vegas Casino Birthday Party

A 40th birthday is a huge milestone that should be rung in with a big celebration and Brittany of GreyGrey Designs did just this, incorporating a fabulous Las Vegas casino theme into an unforgettable birthday party. Simple colors of black, white, and red were used imaginatively to create a party in the image of a Las Vegas casino, wowing guests and making the experience an absolutely unforgettable one.


The decorations were reminiscent of a Las Vegas night, and it felt as though the guests were walking into Caesar’s Palace itself. Streamers made out of playing cards were strung up along the venue, while bouquets of huge feathers sat atop tall candlesticks and vases. The main event table had a glossy black sheen with a shiny backdrop complete with hundreds of miniature images of casino game cards. The incredible birthday cake, however, was the highlight of the table, stacked up into three elaborate tiers complete with a big, white sugar fondant of “40”. The bottom two tiers were decorated in red and black shapes of cards like diamonds, and the top layer was extremely detailed, made up of two large red and white dice. A topper consisted of an edible replica of the “Welcome to Vegas” sign, but instead read the words “Welcome to Fabulous Beau’s 40th Birthday”.

Other treats that were equally as detailed and beautiful on the main table were red dice Jell-O molds pops, red and white Marshmallow pops topped with sprinkles, Dipped Oreos, and frosted sugar cookies in play card and chip designs. Savory fares included grilled chicken and caprese shish kabobs and all of the delicious food had its own personalized label made from a playing cards. Favors were an assortment of fun as well, with the guests taking home bar nuts in personalized party cans and decks of personalized casino cards. It truly was the perfect way to start a fantastic fortieth year.

Credits –

– Chocolate Covered Oreos: Sweeties By Kim
– Poker chip and Playing Card Cookies: Whimsy Cookie Co.
– All Fabrics: JoAnn
– Candy: CandyFavorites.com
– Foam Dice: Target and Shindigz.com
– Stand-Up Photo Op, Large playing cards, napkins, plates: Shindigz.com
– Eiffel Tower Vases: Save-On Crafts
– Cake: Oh My Ganache Bakery
– Favors: Beau Coup
– Rentals: Affordable Party Rentals
– Invitations: Etsy Seller: FrameWorthy
– Photography: J. Herndon Photography

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