40th Hollywood Glam Party

For this 40th Old Hollywood Glam Birthday party, Chic Style Events created a table that could make anyone feel like a star. Using a color palette of black, white and gold, each bit of decor was elegant and sophisticated, giving a soft atmosphere that could easily be enjoyed.

40th Hollywood Glam Party Ideas

The table was set against a bright wall and for the backdrop curtains were draped in elegant fashion, giving a deep bold color to the table that was dramatic and lovely.

The arrangement of dishe used to display the desserts was marvelous, some clear glass, some vintage style and golden.  Little martini glasses were set out with yummy chocolate cake pops that had little flags sticking out to the side, giving a straw-like effect.

Star cookies were frosted in a golden tone and framed in black for a sophisticated touch, they were set right beside decadently created chocolate covered oreos, perfectly covered in black and white.

Personalized candy bars were wrapped in fun black,white and gold paper adding to the glam perfectly. Wonderfully frosted cupcakes were topped with old-fashioned Hollywood icons like Audrey Hepburn.

For a pearl-like addition, golden sixlets were put into fantastic vintage-style jars and decorated with neat little pearl, black and white decor. A spread of pretty flowers were placed across the table, along with other neat decorations, like black ribbons and feathers. Each treat was labeled beautifully.

The cake was a vision of layers, frosted to perfection and displayed as a fantastic centerpiece to the glamorous table. With fantastic detailing like ribboning along the bottom layer, this cake oozed sophistication and glamor. It was topped with a gorgeous golden star, ensuring that it was the stand-out on the table.  Set on a tall white tray, this cake was a dessert to remember for a long time to come.

Credits –

Styling and concept – Chic Style Events

Cupcakes, Cake and cookies – Oh Sugar

Golden sixlets – Petite Portions

Chocolate covered oreos – Sweettooth Candy Buffets

Chocolates – Chic Style Events

Labels – Amaretto Handcrafted

Macarons – Her Macarons

Cake pops – The Cake Pop Emporium

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