40th Birthday Bash

The Sugar Plum Sisters went all out on this 40th Birthday Bash, creating an event that everyone was certain to enjoy. They took advantage of the lovely outdoor weather to put together a fantastic venue full of lovely decor and entertainment.

A favorite little touch were the 40th birthday party coaster invites, personalized and bold in brown and orange colors. They had a rustic quality that was very fun.


To create a masculine vibe rustic qualities were incorporated throughout the venue to ensure that both the guys and gals could thoroughly enjoy the events. The tables were covered in fantastic burlap, and chalkboard cloth toppers that stood out remarkably.

For a neat unique touch, rather that using traditional dishware for the party, they used boxes for a one-of-a-kind alternative. They were large enough to hold all the tasty food and each had a personalized birthday label to incorporate the rustic charm.

To give the tables an additional touch of beauty, rustic troughs were filled with succulents and there were an array of lovely peonies in wonderful vases to finish it off.

Instead of regular chairs for each individual, a group cozy feeling was distributed throughout by using benches to sit on. It made it simple for moving around when needed.

Strands of fabulous globe lights were hung to bring a sweet illumination to the tented area, giving a warmth to the atmosphere that was definitely appreciated.

An adult activity set-up at this event was a beer-tasting, letting everyone try not only obscure ales but also well-known options.  The mugs used were a wonderful heavy glass stein that each guest got to take home as a gift at the end of the party. For those who didn’t want to try the beer station a fantastic mojito station was set up to give a taste of strawberry or classic flavoring.

Credits –

Dinner Food: Michael of the Rolling Chef

Rentals (Benches, Crates): Trove Vintage Rentals

Globe Lights: Target

Centerpiece Troughs: Save On Crafts

Photos: Lacey Cebula

Music: Andrew Christopher

Boxes and Liners: HY Louie

Disposable Silverware, French Fry Cones: Bio and Chic

Menus, Beer tasting cards: StickPeoplePress

Invites and Labels: Etsy

Burlap: Overseas Fabrics – Abbotsford, BC

Chalkboard Cloth: Online Fabric Store

Sugar Cookies: Pam’s Cookies

40th-Birthday-Bash 40th-Birthday-Bash-beer 40th-Birthday-Bash-cookies-with-infamous-wordings 40th-Birthday-Bash-desserts 40th-Birthday-Bash-dinner-box 40th-Birthday-Bash-dinner-menu 40th-Birthday-Bash-mojito-station 40th-Birthday-Bash-party-room-table 40th-Birthday-Bash-stein-home-eat-drinks-food-beer 40th-Birthday-Bash-sugar-cookies-with-photos 40th-Birthday-Bash-table-setting cheers-to-40-years-party

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