Vintage Chic Hello Kitty Party


Giving a fantastic classic theme a twist, this Vintage Chic Hello Kitty Party was absolutely stunning.  The soft colors and retro styling made it a lovely and memorable event.  Atelier Sweet Joy was the mastermind behind this wonderful birthday gathering, using all sorts of details to create a world of imagination.

The venue chosen for the party was perfection, floral fabric displayed as a backdrop for the dessert table gave a vintage vibe that really made the decor stand out admirably.  Centered on this backdrop, a gorgeous ornate mirror was framed in white and had lovely strands of flowers draped down the side to give it a chic look.  On the mirror an adorable Hello Kitty stuffed animal made a fantastic bit of decor.

Tables were set up in an interesting fashion at this party, a buffet for the treats in the back and a table designated for the cake and guest gifts at the front. The cake table was a white, classic looking table with a lace runner that emphasized the shabby chic theme with precision.  The cake stood tall on a wonderful white cake tray. Two layers of delicately frosted deliciousness was topped with a Hello Kitty on a teapot giving a charming look.

The treat table at the back was covered in a soft pink layering of fabrics. At the front center, a mirror frame in white was hung with a fantastic pink flower in the middle. The arrangement of treats was fabulous from the sugar cookies shaped like Hello Kitty to the tasty cake pops in a vintage style jar. Cupcakes were frosted in sweet white frosting and were placed on a lovely, detailed tray. There was even a golden tiered tray full of yummy chocolates for the guests to enjoy.  They had an adorable mini flower bouquet on top.

Vintage-Chic-Hello-Kitty-Party-Cake Vintage-Chic-Hello-Kitty-Party-Cakepops Vintage-Chic-Hello-Kitty-Party-Cake-Table Vintage-Chic-Hello-Kitty-Party-Cake-Topper Vintage-Chic-Hello-Kitty-Party-Candies Vintage-Chic-Hello-Kitty-Party-Chocolates-Tiered-Tray Vintage-Chic-Hello-Kitty-Party-Cupcakes Vintage-Chic-Hello-Kitty-Party-Decorations Vintage-Chic-Hello-Kitty-Party-Doll-Decor Vintage-Chic-Hello-Kitty-Party-Guest-Treats Vintage-Chic-Hello-Kitty-Party-Mirror Vintage-Chic-Hello-Kitty-Party-Sugar-Cookies Vintage-Chic-Hello-Kitty-Party-Venue-Decorations Vintage-Chic-Hello-Kitty-Party-Vintage-Frame-Art

Credits –

Atelier Sweet Joy

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