Unicorn Full Moon Birthday Party

Unicorn Full Moon Birthday Party

This magical Unicorn Full Moon Birthday Party was beautifully designed by the wonderful Ms. Laine Events.  With adorable pastel colors and lovely unicorn graphic decor, the venue was a wonderland that a very special birthday vip could easily love.

The dessert table was a stunner with a soft pink cover that was innovative decorated across the front to look like the iconic unicorn.  It was even textured with added poms in purple and pink!  This cover complemented the dessert tables backdrop very nicely. The backdrop was actually a custom sign that let everyone know whose special day it was along with a cute unicorn in pink, purple and white. Both sides of the sign had a cute bouquet of balloons that features a marble style purple balloon on the top.

With a delicious variety of snacks to eat, everyone was sure to get their sweet tooth satisfied.  There were candy coated cookies that were decorated to look like little unicorns. There were candies in jars and even cupcakes that had fantastic golden horns!  The cake was very cute with details that matched the front of the dessert table and an adorable purple horn. Each side of the cake displayed a lovely bouquet of flowers in clear vases.  Lollipops in golden wrappers were placed with precision on a fantastic wired tree.

To personalize this party in fun fashion, framed graphic art was incorporated into the decor with signs that matched the theme and added to the magical vibe. There was a cute unicorn placed under a dome by the cake too that gave a mythical look. Even the drinking cups joined in the fun with little unicorn decorations and yarn poms on the front of them. From top to bottom, the desserts at this party were both inviting to look at and scrumptious to eat!

Words from Ms. Laine Events:  “Isn’t this unicorn theme just magical?  Thanks Kelly and Clarence for having us style Hancy’s full moon party and we hope everyone had a blast!”



Unicorn-Full-Moon-Birthday-Party-Candied-Cookies Unicorn-Full-Moon-Birthday-Party-Candies Unicorn-Full-Moon-Birthday-Party-Cupcakes Unicorn-Full-Moon-Birthday-Party-Cups Unicorn-Full-Moon-Birthday-Party-Dessert-Station Unicorn-Full-Moon-Birthday-Party-Dessert-Table Unicorn-Full-Moon-Birthday-Party-Dome-Decoration Unicorn-Full-Moon-Birthday-Party-Flowers Unicorn-Full-Moon-Birthday-Party-Framed-Graphics Unicorn-Full-Moon-Birthday-Party-Grapics Unicorn-Full-Moon-Birthday-Party-Guest-Tables Unicorn-Full-Moon-Birthday-Party-Signage Unicorn-Full-Moon-Birthday-Party-Snacks Unicorn-Full-Moon-Birthday-Party-Tablecloth Unicorn-Full-Moon-Birthday-Party-Treats Unicorn-Full-Moon-Birthday-Party-Treat-Table Unicorn-Full-Moon-Birthday-Party-Unicorns



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