Teddybear Princess Birthday Party


This Teddybear Princess Birthday Party was adorably designed and planned by KR Party Dreams.  Taking two fantastic, classic themes and combining them into one, this event was absolutely unique.  A lovely blend of pink and purple colors were used to give the venue a light and inviting feeling. The entryway for the guests was elegant with a column of flowers that wrapped around on one side of the doorway while pink curtains draped down the other side.  A large welcome sign advertising the birthday girl was customized in pink and purple and then set on a white easel to make it simple for guests to know they were at the right place.

The dessert section designed for the party was perfection with a variety of fun details to keep kids and adults entertained. Using massive letters to spell out “One,” to create a table for the desserts was absolutely innovative and gave the station a modern vibe. A glass section was used for the table top with no cover needed to enhance the look, all of the goodies on the table were plenty to create a stir!  A huge backdrop that featured a tower on each end was quite a vision in pink and purple with varying patterns to draw the eye.  It was customized for the birthday girl as well with her name in gold in the center.

All of the treats looked tasty with frosting to match the theme tones while each one was detailed to give an elegant, Princess style that would make the guests feel like royalty.  The birthday cake was a showstopper in three tiers of deliciousness.  Each layer was exquisitely decorated with pink, purple and white tones.  Adorable edible bears were molded and set on two of the layers to advertise the theme in fun fashion.

Words from the planner:

We were thrilled to organize this adorable party for Ms.Sanoja and her husband who wanted their daughter to give a look of princess on his first birthday with teddy theme, so this gorgeous teddy princess First Birthday Party of princess Sheyili was inspired by flowers, teddy bears, polka dots, zigzag lines with pink, purple, white, green, green and gold combination.

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Teddybear-Princess-Birthday-Party-Bears Teddybear-Princess-Birthday-Party-Bouquet Teddybear-Princess-Birthday-Party-Cake Teddybear-Princess-Birthday-Party-Cake-Treats Teddybear-Princess-Birthday-Party-Chocolates Teddybear-Princess-Birthday-Party-Clock Teddybear-Princess-Birthday-Party-Cookie-Decor Teddybear-Princess-Birthday-Party-Cookies Teddybear-Princess-Birthday-Party-Crown Teddybear-Princess-Birthday-Party-Cupcakes Teddybear-Princess-Birthday-Party-Cupcake-Tower Teddybear-Princess-Birthday-Party-Custom-Backdrop Teddybear-Princess-Birthday-Party-Decorations Teddybear-Princess-Birthday-Party-Dessert-Bears Teddybear-Princess-Birthday-Party-Dessert-Decor Teddybear-Princess-Birthday-Party-Desserts Teddybear-Princess-Birthday-Party-Dessert-Table Teddybear-Princess-Birthday-Party-Donuts Teddybear-Princess-Birthday-Party-Flower-Bouquet Teddybear-Princess-Birthday-Party-Flower-Decor Teddybear-Princess-Birthday-Party-Flowers Teddybear-Princess-Birthday-Party-Goody-Bags Teddybear-Princess-Birthday-Party-Graphic-Decor Teddybear-Princess-Birthday-Party-Large-One Teddybear-Princess-Birthday-Party-Macarons Teddybear-Princess-Birthday-Party-Numbers Teddybear-Princess-Birthday-Party-O Teddybear-Princess-Birthday-Party-Pastel-Decor Teddybear-Princess-Birthday-Party-Pink-Cupcake Teddybear-Princess-Birthday-Party-Pink-Cupcake-Tower Teddybear-Princess-Birthday-Party-Purple-Cupcakes Teddybear-Princess-Birthday-Party-Signage Teddybear-Princess-Birthday-Party-Snacks Teddybear-Princess-Birthday-Party-Snack-Table Teddybear-Princess-Birthday-Party-Stuffed-Animal Teddybear-Princess-Birthday-Party-Stuffy Teddybear-Princess-Birthday-Party-Tiered-Cake Teddybear-Princess-Birthday-Party-Treats Teddybear-Princess-Birthday-Party-Treat-Station Teddybear-Princess-Birthday-Party-Treat-Tree

Event Planning/styling – KR Party Dreams – Sulochani Nanayakkara
Photography- Cmosmedia
Cake structure and sweets- Buns & Muffins
Chocolate wrappers – Babes n’ Tots
Goody bags – Love Every Detail


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