Sweet Pink Panda Themed First Birthday Party

This sweet pink Panda themed first Birthday was one of a kind where the elegant decor engraved it in the heart of everyone who joined. Vivid, girl panda-themed first birthday party was arranged in pink, white, and black tones. A lot of cute, little pandas found their way around- on the picture, table corner, a dessert. This was surely a way to celebrate the first birthday for a little girl!

pink black white panda balloon arch

The dessert table was meticulously decorated and featured stunning adornment and tasty treats got everyone’s attention.

In the center of the table displayed a big black and white 3 tiered cake. The bottom of the cake was precisely stripped in black and white fondant, while the top displayed a smiley panda face, wearing a silk ribbon by the ears. Surrounding it, plate holders needed no other decoration but the sweets! Each of them was holding a taste of cupcake in a baby pink cover. Some offered a tasty looking chocolate frosting with a fresh strawberry on top. Others carried a set of perfectly detailed vanilla cheesecake cupcakes, decorated with tiny, pink ribbons.

black and white stripe pink panda cake

The rest of the table was set to fit the celebration of a unique girl character. On the bottom layer, white and black, small stands, featured a set of present boxes, each signed with a panda and a pink ribbon, a birthday girl’s initial, and a number one, for guests to hold the memory of the event. The table displayed a pair of big, Barby pink, pair of boots, which was for sure set to represent a unique princess and her character.

The whole event had an adorable princess-like-style elegance accent. A flower arrangement in the background of the table along with two vintage suitcases was breathing the real princess-like elegancy. The wall behind the dessert table was decorated with the white, sparkly curtains with a backdrop of a big smiling panda face.

Over the wall, a string of small balloons in the colors of the day spiked up the party atmosphere. In all shades of pink, black, and white, a bouquet of helium-filled balloons was brought and held by a cute, stuffed panda guest.

Exquisite, colorful, flower arrangements consisted of fresh, tiny roses and greenery. It blended all the motives in decoration together, finishing up the setting. Elegant vases were also holding two green plants to contribute to the vintage look, but also to keep stuffed pandas company.

The celebration of this pink panda themed first birthday party was arranged with an obvious attentive hand touch, taking care of even the smallest elements in chic decore. Wide smiles of pandas greeting all the guests created a positive rush of energy. Well-chosen and symbolic motives were brought perfectly together, making this already important moment unforgettable.

cute pink panda birthday background

first birthday pink panda cake

pink and rose gold pink balloons

pink and white girl panda first birthday tablescape

pink and white panda party

pink panda first birthday dessert table

pink panda party tablescape

rose gold pink confetti transparent balloon

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