Sweet Ballerina Birthday Party

Quintal de Contos went all out with this Sweet Ballerina Birthday Party. The combination of sweet soft pinks created an elegance that any little future dancer could love.

The entire venue area looked like a fairy tale with wonderful ballet decor from top to bottom. One wall that has a wooden/paneled look, was covered in fantastic tissue, pink and purple pom poms that just stood out gorgeously. An adorable flag banner was hung draped to shape around the poms and each side of the wall was full of little details, like a cute bear on a shelf and art displayed in perfection.


To add innovation to the wonderful theme, instead of using a standard table for the treats, a table and also a lovely white vintage table along with two side tables were combined to give an interesting shape, while maintaining easy access to the treats that were laid out.

A little stool was underneath the desk to complete the look with beautiful framed art.

The little snacks were full of themed fun with ballet shoe sugar cookies that had ribbons tied to them and they were actually hung on a cute little stand. Cake pops were covered in a deep pink and cute white frosting detail with sticks and tiny little bows, looking scrumptious. The cupcakes were individual little wrapped wonders in polka-dot wraps and topped with tiny ballet slippers. Each treat was displayed on a different and beautiful tray, bringing texture and elaborate detailing to the table.

For a divine and elegant dessert option, a sweet cake made the centerpiece of the table in loveliness. It was set on a very tall white tray and looked fantastic with its circular shape and soft pink color. The front was even decorated with a beautiful, artistic heart, enveloping the theme sweetly. This event had the perfect display of detail, ensuring that the little ballerina would enjoy every moment.

Credits – Quintal de Contos

cupcake-stands sign sweet-ballerina-birthday-party-backdrop-photos sweet-ballerina-birthday-party-bags sweet-ballerina-birthday-party-ballet-shoes-display sweet-ballerina-birthday-party-bunting sweet-ballerina-birthday-party-chalkboard-sign sweet-ballerina-birthday-party-cookies sweet-ballerina-birthday-party-cupcakes sweet-ballerina-birthday-party-decorations sweet-ballerina-birthday-party-dessert-table-with-white-vintage-table sweet-ballerina-birthday-party-dessert-table-with-white-vintage-tables sweet-ballerina-birthday-party-favors sweet-ballerina-birthday-party-heart-theme-party sweet-ballerina-birthday-party-room-set sweet-ballerina-birthday-party-sign sweet-ballerina-birthday-party-table sweet-ballerina-birthday-party-tutu-chair tea-set treats tutu-doll

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