Sophia the First Birthday Party

This Sophia the First Birthday Celebration was created gorgeously by Maggie’s Enchanted Events. Using purple, silver and white for the theme colors, this party matched the Disney heroine to perfection.


The venue used for the event was a neat outdoor porch area that was covered with fantastic neutral toned umbrellas to give shade to everyone. Cement blocks created a solid base to build the adorable treat table decor around. A wonderful, sheer cloth was used to soften the lighting and create an elegant effect for the guests to enjoy. Around the top of the sheer cloth a fabulous bold purple was draped to look like a royal curtain.

The table itself had a white cloth that created a soft base for all of the fun and colorful treats and decorations to stand out on. The front of the table had more bold purple fabric draped beautifully across with purple bows to give a sweet finishing touch.

On the table all of the favorite characters from the Sophia the First show were spread out to fill the area up in an exciting fashion. Sophia was actually spelled out in large silver coated letters for a glitzy addition to the look. Each tasty treat was label with a matching Sophia label so guests wouldn’t have to guess what they were trying out.  Various snacking options included all kinds of candies like gummy worms, M&Ms, frosted animal crackers, twizzlers and more.

As a perfect centerpiece to the table a Princess Sophia dress was displayed giving the table that royal image any little girl could love. To the side a sweet arrangement of purple and white flowers was displayed beautifully. With a spread of glamorous touches like silver bedazzled jewels on the serving trays, this table was a royal success.

 Credits – Maggie’s Enchanted Events

ice-cream making station sophia-the-first-birthday-party sophia-the-first-birthday-party-characters sophia-the-first-birthday-party-characters-soft-toys sophia-the-first-birthday-party-ideas sophia-the-first-birthday-party-ideas-decoration sophia-the-first-birthday-party-main-table sophia-the-first-birthday-party-tiara-decor sophia-the-first-birthday-party-treats-with-labels

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