Royal Tiffany Inspired Blue and Gold Birthday


This gorgeous, Royal Tiffany Inspired Blue and Gold Birthday was beautifully planned by Ms.Laine Events. Using a soft teal and white blend for the theme colors, this party was fit for a sweet little one year old.

A favorite element of this event was a large posterboard sign that talked about all of the things the little one had accomplished throughout their first year of life. This board was fantastically designed to match the theme tones and was displayed on an easel for easy viewing. The easel was even decorated with adorable teal, white and gold tassels which added a fun effect.

To welcome the vistors, a personalized sign was placed at the door with a massive group of gold and white balloons. This sign was placed on an easel that had also been decorated with tassels. It was further enhanced with a group of bottle vases that held teal and white blooms.

The dessert table was super cute with a whole castle arrangement that stood out fantastically. A backdrop of a castle tower was accented with tall balloon bouquets, showcasing the table perfectly. At the front of the table a castle saying, “Happy Birthday,” made a wonderful introduction to the buffet.

A tasty tiered cake drew the eye with a full crown topper and two layers of perfectly frosted detailing. It was placed at the center of the table and had lovely slim, flowers on each side to add to the elegant appeal of the party.

Other delicious desserts incorporated onto this table included individually wrapped Ferrero Rocher chocolates, macarons and beautifully frosted cupcakes. There were even sugar cookies that were shaped to look like crowns that were frosted in blue and gold and wrapped up and tied with a golden bow.

Royal-Tiffany-Inspired-Blue-And-Gold-Birthday-Balloons Royal-Tiffany-Inspired-Blue-And-Gold-Birthday-Buffet Royal-Tiffany-Inspired-Blue-And-Gold-Birthday-Cake Royal-Tiffany-Inspired-Blue-And-Gold-Birthday-Chocolates Royal-Tiffany-Inspired-Blue-And-Gold-Birthday-Cupcakes Royal-Tiffany-Inspired-Blue-And-Gold-Birthday-Decor Royal-Tiffany-Inspired-Blue-And-Gold-Birthday-Guest-Seating Royal-Tiffany-Inspired-Blue-And-Gold-Birthday-Macarons Royal-Tiffany-Inspired-Blue-And-Gold-Birthday-Sugar-Cookies Royal-Tiffany-Inspired-Blue-And-Gold-Birthday-Tassels Royal-Tiffany-Inspired-Blue-And-Gold-Birthday-Welcome-Sign


Planning/design: Ms.Laine Events



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