Raggedy Ann Birthday Party

This Raggedy Ann party left out no detail, with vivacious colors that went on everywhere you looked. Using an adorable classic character to center the theme around, any kid could enjoy celebrating their birthday in style.

The bold blue and red mix of colors really made this party shine.  They contrasted perfectly, and each item created for the event was made to impress.


The buffet table was a blast of fun and deliciousness that was certain to be enjoyed by all the guests. It was covered in a lovely blue and white cloth that made a perfect base for all of the vibrant colors spread over it.

Each end and the center featured a set of miniature Raggedy Anns in adorably patterned outfits that matched. Set up against elegant decorations like DIY flowers in fun vases and a tall lollipop tree, they stood out fantastically.

The front of the table had a sweet Raggedy Ann sign draped that was bright and fun with various colors and patterns that blended nicely with the theme. Attached to each end were long, red ribbons.

Each dessert was well placed, matching the theme and looking yummy. There were chocolates set up in a sweetly opened box, looking very inviting. Giant decorative glasses were placed at the back of the table, adding a layered look, filled with bright, tasty candies for the kids to try out.  Each had a cute little blue ribbon tied on it, adding a feminine touch that goes well with the theme. Cupcakes were set on a deep red cake tray, each one had a sweet little heart shaped label on top for a cute addition.

The cakes were magnificent.  Each was decorated uniquely, with an elegantly frosted pattern that really made them stand out from everything else on the table. This party had everything a kid could want from their favorite classic character.

Credits –

Event Planning – One Charming Party

Photography – Nicole Hill

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