Princess Tea Party Celebration

Tracie from Tracie Stier Johnson created a massive masterpiece with this Princess Tea Party celebration. The venue for the event was very spacious, making it a fantastic palette to create a magical experience for her little one, Hunter.

The entrance to the party area was a display of lots of pink and pink polka dot balloons that were tied up beautifully along with a large print that was hung on the front door to welcome the guests.

princess tiara and wand decor

Despite the large amount of space that Tracie had to work with, the decor was phenomenal. An array of poms were scattered throughout the party area in a variety of shades and patterns, creating a sweet and elegant atmosphere for the little princesses to enjoy.

A large display of photos was used to showcase the sweet little ones event, the walls were covered along with a lovely mix of photos on each of the tables.

The tables for the children catered to their small size with perfection. Instead of using the standard size that most adults would use, Tracie set up little ones so the kids were comfortable.  The tables were lined with a sweet pink tablecloth and had a scattering of liners that stood out beautifully with their dark pattern. To make the table look more royal, tall skinny vases were used to showcase a gorgeous arrangement of flowers along with adorable glasses with mini twizzlers to add a pop of red to the color spread. There were even cute little cut-outs that added to the ambience with ease.

Hunter’s cake was a three-tiered wonder covered in a soft pink frosting that any princess could love. Topped with an adorable little doll in moss and the number 4, this cake was sophisticated and fun. This Princess Party left nothing to be desired from top to bottom it was perfection.

Credits –

Tracie with Tracie Stier Johnson

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