Pirate Birthday Party


Any seafaring pirate kid could love this Pirate Birthday Party created by the fantastic Silviya of Kurabiiki. With wonderfully antiqued invitations, every guest invited to this celebration was certain to be ready for some pirate adventures! They were even rolled up and tied with a red ribbon for a realistic effect.

A favorite party of this exciting party was the dress up for everyone to get involved in. All sorts of wonderful dress up items were offered from pirate hats to eye patches and even blow up swords!

The array of snacks provided for this party was fantastic, each one a tasty addition in a pirate fashion that everyone could easily enjoy.  The cookies were delightful, letters with pirate details spelled out the birthday vip’s name.  There were sugar cookies frosted with maps, skulls, compasses, ships and more, offering variety that all blended right in with this exciting theme.  The cookies were perfectly packaged in plastic bags and tied with thin black ribbons.

To bring this party to life, the snack table was decorated with a massive backdrop that advertised this seafaring party smoothly. A water background with fishes was accented with a large pirate skull-crossbones flag along side two adorable skull-crossbones banners that were even aged for a vintage look.

The table below was covered in black and had all sorts of fun details that made it pirate like.  Golden coins were scattered all over and a little skeleton sat in back.  There was even a dress up skull on the back corner.

A celebration cake in two layers sat tall on a black cake tray and was adorned with edible golden coins and skulls.  It had a skull-crossbones on the front giving it a very piratey look. Cakepops were frosted in black in a cute case and there were fun little bottles with Rum labels on them.

Pirate-Birthday-Party-Antique-Art Pirate-Birthday-Party-Cake Pirate-Birthday-Party-Cakepops Pirate-Birthday-Party-Cupcakes Pirate-Birthday-Party-Dress-Up Pirate-Birthday-Party-Food Pirate-Birthday-Party-Fruit Pirate-Birthday-Party-Hat Pirate-Birthday-Party-Invitations Pirate-Birthday-Party-Letter-Cookies Pirate-Birthday-Party-Map-Cookies Pirate-Birthday-Party-Maps Pirate-Birthday-Party-Patches Pirate-Birthday-Party-Rum Pirate-Birthday-Party-Sea-Water Pirate-Birthday-Party-Sign Pirate-Birthday-Party-Skull Pirate-Birthday-Party-Sugar-Cookies Pirate-Birthday-Party-Swords Pirate-Birthday-Party-Treasure Pirate-Birthday-Party-Treasure-Chest

Credits –

Silviya of Kurabiiki


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