Ironman Birthday Party

With an action-packed “wow” factor, this Iron Man Birthday party was one that had fun for everyone! Designed by Sally of Happy and You Know it Party Planning, this gathering was sure to impress the special birthday boy for sure.

The superhero Ironman is a great one to use for a party as it invites a bold arrangement of red and yellow which are two tones you don’t see a lot at parties together.  With the addition of a soft blue incorporated, the theme had a smooth look that was definitely one of a kind.


The dessert table was fantastic with all sorts of items to draw attention while ensuring enough tasty treats to keep any kid happy. A backdrop was created using blue for a skyline look and a layout of building silhouettes  was layered in front of it in two tones for a three dimensional look.  A scattering of fun clouds was added as well as “Happy Birthday” spelled out in bold black letters to remind everyone what the party was all about.

Covered in a soft yellow cloth, the table blended smoothly with all of the wonderful decorations and treats laid out on it. Using vibrant white trays to hold the snacks, a stark contrasting tone added a bold effect to the look.

The arrangement of snacks offered was great, each went with the theme beautifully while looking quite scrumptious. Cupcakes were set on a lovely tier, on top of a giant cake tray bringing a cool layered look, while making it easy to grab and go. They were frosted in bright yellow matching Ironman in tasty fashion.  In addition to the fun cupcakes there were other neat edibles like “arc reactor cookies” that had a fun white center in the middle of red sprinkles giving a dramatic and sweet dessert to try.

Credits – Happy and You Know it Party Planning

  ironman-birthday-party-armour-rice-krispies ironman-birthday-party-armour-rice-krispies-label ironman-birthday-party-backdrop ironman-birthday-party-cupcake-toppers ironman-birthday-party-cupcake-toppers-cookies ironman-birthday-party-cupcake-toppers-cookies-ironman-theme ironman-birthday-party-dessert-table ironman-birthday-party-dessert-table-decoration-ideas ironman-birthday-party-drink ironman-birthday-party-jello ironman-birthday-party-jello-candy ironman-birthday-party-stark-skittles ironman-birthday-party-stark-skittles-label

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