Lego Themed Birthday Party

This Lego Themed Birthday party was creatively designed by Joy of Mondocherry. With a rainbow of fun colors and all kinds of Lego decor, this party was a brilliant display of the excitement Legos can bring to not only children, but adults as well!

A gorgeous Happy Birthday banner was displayed with a row of fun DIY legos clipping to a ribbon with clothespins offering a unique and fun decoration that stood out beautifully.  With a giant Lego standing in the center of the table beneath it, this backdrop made the perfect centerpiece for the party area.

Lego Themed Birthday Party banner

With bright colors incorporated into every detail, like the array of swirly straws, this venue area was a vibrant display no matter where you looked.

The party bags for the guests were created with all kinds of entertaining goodies that were sure to keep little one’s busy for awhile. Placed in colorful gift bags with Lego decor, each bag was a personal show of creativity.

Even the treats were specially designed to blend with the Lego theme spectacularly.  Lego sandwiches were made, cut into fantastic little rectangles that were simple for kids to grab and eat. Lego cupcakes almost stole the show with fantastic edible Legos topping each one. With a rainbow of wrappers, they were a vision of Lego fun.

The cakes were a perfect blend of bright color and Lego block excitement, yellow and green colors that were inviting.  Set on top of a neat Lego base, the cakes were a perfect representation of this creative theme.

Throughout the venue area small details added to the big picture to put together a smooth and action packed party. Displays of Legos in lovely glass vases that had adorable little flag banners are just one example of the expansive decor at this lovely event.

Credits –

Joy – Mondocherry

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