Frozen Wonderland Birthday Party


This Frozen Wonderland Birthday Party was delightfully created by Raidha Raleen Mulafer of Impressions  who used some favorite details from the instant classic, Frozen, along with modern touches to put together a sophisticated and fun birthday adventure for a special little one.

Blending all sorts of blues together, along with white and silver, the venue was gorgeously decorated to match tones from the theme to perfection.  An exquisite buffet table was arranged with a great assortment of treats for everyone to enjoy along with adorable decorations.  A backdrop of light blue was used with the birthday girl’s name boldly displayed in the center in silver.  It was accented with an array of adorable snowflakes in several sizes, each one unique and lovely.

The trays used to hold the snacks were stunning, some detailed with snowflake styles some with chandelier effects, all in silver or white to match the theme. With the intricate detailing, these trays gave an elegant effect that really set the tone for the party. Delicious and detailed treats covered the whole table, each with a wonderful, bright label to inform the guests of what they were trying.  Elsa, Ana and Olaf cakepops made a fun treat for the kids to enjoy.  Sugar cookies with Frozen details filled a tray.  There was even space for flowers in shades that went with the theme beautifully.

The cake was a vision of modern perfection with a minutely detailed and textured appeal that made a stunning addition to the party.  It was even topped with a large silver crown fit for a little queen!

Frozen-Wonderland-Birthday-Party-Ana-Cakepops Frozen-Wonderland-Birthday-Party-Ana-Topper Frozen-Wonderland-Birthday-Party-Cake Frozen-Wonderland-Birthday-Party-Cakepops Frozen-Wonderland-Birthday-Party-Cookies Frozen-Wonderland-Birthday-Party-Cupcakes Frozen-Wonderland-Birthday-Party-Flowers Frozen-Wonderland-Birthday-Party-Olafpops Frozen-Wonderland-Birthday-Party-Ribbons Frozen-Wonderland-Birthday-Party-Snowflake-Bottles Frozen-Wonderland-Birthday-Party-Snowflake-Decor Frozen-Wonderland-Birthday-Party-Snowflake-Wall-Decor Frozen-Wonderland-Birthday-Party-Sugar-Cookies Frozen-Wonderland-Birthday-Party-Tissue-Poms Frozen-Wonderland-Birthday-Party-Wall-Decor

Credits –

Concept, design and complete execution : Raidha Raleen Mulafer of Impressions

Venue : Super Kids

Photography : Picture Poets

Cake and mini cakes : Cakes

Cup cakes and cake pops : Cakes and Things

Cake pop toppers, food labels, tiny snowflakes : Iheart craft

Table centre felt dolls : The Clip Factory

Cookies : Lotsa Dough

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