Frozen Birthday Party

The instant classic “Frozen” not only made a wonderful show for children to enjoy but it makes a perfect theme for a birthday party as well. Nathalia Azeredo Photography captured each detail from this fabulous Frozen themed party, giving the special birthday girl memories to last a lifetime.

A large venue was used for this sweet party, giving plenty of space for all of the fantastic bits of decor that brought the theme to life. A massive backdrop was used to create a snowy, wintry look with gorgeous snowy trees. In front of the backdrop instead of the classic single buffet table, several tables of varying sizes were spaced out to make it easy for guests to grab their treats, while providing ample areas to place other fabulous decorations.  

An idea used at this party that made it unique were the life-sized copies of each of the favorite characters from Frozen.  They were all beautifully detailed and placed optimally by the tables for everyone to check out.  a white cloth was even spread across the floor to give a snowy effect.  The birthday girl’s name was even spelled out at the front of one table in blue.

On the tables in the back row massive bouquets of lovely pink, purple and yellow flowers added a bright touch of color to the room and adorable bundles of balloons placed on each end of the space ensured a full look.

A layered cake made a delicious centerpieces for the table at the back, detailed with colorful snowflakes and a crown at the top.

The treats were all made to match the theme with colors that blended smoothly and adorable details like little Olaf’s on the cupcakes.  Even the dishware enhanced the look with clear and white tones along with some that even had sparkles and silver.

Credits –

Decorations: Felipe Souza Eventos

Cake: Zilda Aquino

Treats: Edna Garcia

Photography: Nathalia Azeredo Photography


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